Sunday, October 19, 2003

Good To Be Home

We got back from Orlando yesterday morning. I'm so tired and drained that I'm actually very glad to be home. I saw a sign at one of the theme parks which said 'I need a vacation from my vacation'...I agree.

We arrived in Orlando on Saturday the 11th and hit one of the parks as soon as we were checked in. I've done five marathons in my life but I don't ever recall my feet being as sore as they were after a couple days of walking the pavement throughout the parks. I actually didn't mind walking so much but it was the waiting in line which got very tiring.

Of all the places we went I'd say my favorite were Animal Kingdom and Epcot. They're both so amazing. I look around them and I'm in such awe that people have combined their efforts to create them.

We stayed at the Westgate timeshare villas in Orlando and did the 90 minute tour. I went in their having no desire to purchase a timeshare but we left as new owners. I'm now in the process of canceling the contract after getting home and looking online at what other people have to say about Westgate as well as timeshares in general. They're really not much more than a scam for the unsuspecting. I know several people at work who own them and seem to be happy owners; it's just not for me. I'm sure they'll try and drag their feet as I proceed to cancel the agreement so I'll need to be deliberate in getting it done. I think a registered letter to their main offices tomorrow expressing my request is necessary. Maybe even a lawyer so it gets done right and I'm not left stuck with the contract.


Anonymous said...

So what happened later? Were you able to get out of deal. I assume that if you did not pay anything yet, and you should be able to get out...

Kevin said...

Yes, you have 10 days to cancel the agreement.

We didn't research the company before going to FL but after we got home we searched the net and found that it was much more of a scam than we'd imagined. We got the necessary documents to cancel the agreement and had them notorized and sent via certified mail.

The entire operation in FL put me off. Why we signed on down there I have no idea.