Monday, February 26, 2007

Snowed In and It's a Moral Issue

For weeks the upper winds were unchanging in their direction driving frigid air out of Canada into the Midwest so it was nice to come into work last week and see that they'd become more zonal and were bringing more moderate temps our way. Biking in zero degree weather is doable but not nearly as fun as something, oh, say 20 degrees warmer. But you know what? I'll trade the warmer temps for the cold stuff again if it means fewer snow storms. We got hammered this weekend and they say there's another storm developing and due to hit us later in the week. I'm not much for long range forecasts but they were all over this last storm. I woke up yesterday morning to 8-10" of heavy wet stuff to dig out from. It was pretty, no doubt but unless you're a kid out playing in it there isn't much use for it...but that's just me. Anyway, I got out my video camera and caught some footage to add to my YouTube you go

I was driving in to work this morning and the news at the top of the hour came on. They mentioned Al Gore's humorous attempt at the Oscars last night to appear to be making an announcement of his intention to run again for president in the next election only to be drowned out by the orchestra...funny stuff for sure. The newscast continued with talk of his movie and its award for best documentary. Al went on to say that the issue of global warming isn't a political issue but a moral issue. Maybe so. The thought occurred to me that the same could be said of the abortion's a moral thing. The researchers for the most part will tell you that they are in nearly complete agreement that man is causing the increase in the earth's temperature. Can these same scientists possibly weigh in on whether or not we're actually killing a human life when we stab at it and burn it in a saline solution as it quietly develops?

I was on my bike a couple months ago and came alongside a woman roadie. She was hard core. We got to talking about the cold weather and she asked me how I was able to keep my toes warm for some of the longer distances I was doing when it was too cold for most. I told her that I use an adhesive backed chem pad which heats up when exposed to air. I place one in each of my shoes beneath my toes and they allow me to stay out longer. She said she would never use something like that because they're bad for the environment. Maybe so but I couldn't help but wonder if she had any particular problem with killing unborn children. It sucks that I would think that because she may be just as opposed to abortion as I am but how often is it the case that environmentalists actually share that concern? I don't think I'll ever understand this issue and how people can be so accepting of something so wrong.

Rachel passed her written driver's permit test today. I'd like to get her out in the next few days...maybe take her to some country roads where there isn't much traffic to let her get a feel for being behind the wheel. I've got a hunch that she's no natural when it comes to driving but she may surprise me. I've had her in the church parking lot a few times...let's just say she does a lot better in the go-karts at Valley Fair.

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