Saturday, August 11, 2007

Project Complete, Collapsed Bridge and a Little Americana

My two week vacation is over but I'm not all that sad about it because it also means that two weeks of having our home in a state of upheaval is also over. We wrapped up our flooring project and got everything put back in place so now it's time to relax...not I said, I'm back at work today. I suppose this has been what is referred to as a working vacation.

The guys from Above All Hardwood Floors in Prior Lake did a great job for us. I don't think there's any way Tammy and I could have done anything near this nice had we done the work ourselves. I can't get over the difference the wood floors make in the richness of the rooms. We're very satisfied with the outcome.

I chronicled the project on video for my YouTube account and spliced the scenes together tonight. You can find the video here

I ventured on my bike into Minneapolis on Wednesday in an effort to try and get some photos of the collapsed bridge on 35W. I didn't have much success in getting very close to the bridge as they've got a tight perimeter set up around it. I could get within a quarter mile at some points but there wasn't much to see. Every intersection along the perimeter had between 1 and 3 police sitting on lawn chairs to keep people out. I thought it was overkill but what do I know?

The fall of the bridge will most likely work to the advantage of those who would seek to raise taxes to pay for improved roads. I'm not necessarily opposed to that but I have to wonder if the money we spent on light rail may have been better spent improving what was already there?

We experienced a bit of Americana Thursday night while taking in the demolition derby at the Dakota County Fair. I remember 3 years ago when I had to convince Tammy and Rachel that it would be a fun thing to do. They didn't believe me but they humored me and went along anyway. They had a blast and we've been going ever since. This year Rachel brought her boyfriend, Grant and they even sat with us. It was a fun time. I hope Grant didn't think I was too nerdy with my video camera but YouTube had no good videos of the derby. They do now! The compact cars were the best.

We hung around after the show and put all sorts of junk food into our bodies in an effort to make them stronger. That's my theory anyway...eating junk food makes your body stronger than healthy food as your body needs to fight harder and grow stronger to subsist on such a diet. Make sense?

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