Friday, March 21, 2008

She's Ready and Bike Geek Speak

I called my sister, Jackie, yesterday afternoon to see if it would be okay if we stopped by with Toby and Allie for a visit. Jackie and Jerry live 40 miles north in Maple Grove and we don't get out there often enough. Toby and Allie are offspring of their dogs, Tucker and Gracie. Rachel was coming with us but as we were making our plans her best friend, Camille, (also from Maple Grove) asked her if she was interested in going with her and some friends to the Avril Lavigne concert at Target Center. Rachel would still come with us; we'd just part ways in Maple Grove. For Rachel it was more about getting together with Camille than it was seeing Avril in concert. Anyway, it was a good opportunity for Rachel to drive in rush-hour traffic with Tammy, myself and the pups along to serve as distractions. She did very well.

In addition to last night's drive we also got out today on some snow covered roads for possibly one last shot at some winter driving practice. After we got back today I told her that I felt she was ready for her license. We talked about it last night in the car on the way up to Camille's and she said that it was a good thing she didn't pass the first time as she now realizes she wasn't ready. That's a lot for her to admit. She's made a noticeable improvement since last week and I feel a lot better about her abilities. She still has much to learn but that's just going to take time.

I woke up this morning to this. I want this winter to be over. Actually, today is the first day of Spring! Contrary to what I said in the video, I have every intention of getting my bike out on the roads tomorrow. The plows came through the neighborhood a couple times today and I don't think it will be any problem getting out to the main highways. That's the plan anyway. It'll be a sloppy ride but that sort of goes with the territory this time of year in Minnesota.

Speaking of my bike...I bought a new cyclocomputer to mount next to my Garmin Edge 305 which I've been using the past two years. Anybody who has an Edge 305 will no doubt wonder why I have another computer in addition to it. That's a valid question. I love the customizable data fields on the Edge but I don't care for how current speed is displayed. I prefer the larger numbers of the additional computer so that's why I have it.

The extra cyclocomputer I've been using (a Specialized Pro) is wireless and I've never been able to use the cadence of my Edge with it as there's interference between the two units. So, the new Sigma computer promises to eliminate the interference problem with DTS (digital transmission least I think that's what it stands for) technology. I'll know soon enough. I like having the cadence info available to me as it helps keep me from pushing too high of gears and stressing my knees.

A nice feature with the Sigma is that it will know which bike I'm using (bike 1 or 2) based on the transmitter located at the wheel. Both bikes wheel sizes are slightly different and the Sigma will be able to differentiate between the two. I know it's a bunch of overkill but you can never define the collected data enough or have enough of it to look at when you're out for hours at a time.

I do admit that sometimes it's nice to ride without any input at all other than the beauty of nature which surrounds me but I'm an incurable geek at heart.


John said...

Good luck to Rachel.

Kevin said...

Yeah, I'll let you know how she does...April 1st. You don't suppose the exam graders will pull an April Fools joke on her do you? I know I probably would if it were me doing the grading.

Saeedi said...

You might consider getting a 705 down the road. The speed display is based on speed sensor and the distance is based on GPS.

Kind of the best of both worlds, plus the cool color maps and turn-by-turn directions.

Kevin said...

Saeedi...I was looking at the reviews of the 705 on the MB forum and it seemed that a lot of folks weren't all that happy with it. I figured I'd be getting one too but now I'm not so sure. I was thinking of getting another 305 if I can get one cheap and holding on to it for when my current unit dies.