Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Got Mail, Grandparenting (someday) and Lotsa Blocks

I received an email this morning from someone who had read my posts titled A Brave New World from a few months ago. Here's the email...

Dear Kevin,

My name is Emilio and Im contacting you after reading with much interest your series of posts "A Brave New World" (from and obtaining your email address from (listed in your blog's info). The reason is that I'm currently working on a postgraduate on film studies on the topic of film reception, for which I'm building a collection of video-recorded accounts of memorable experiences with films and I was wondering if you might be interested in helping me out by collaborating with telling your experience with You've Got Mail and how it lead you to meet your wife. The idea is to have these videos uploaded to a site specifically dedicated to them, to explore the varied ways in which people make sense of films. Unfortunately I can't pay for any collaboration, but I guarantee you I'd be very thankful for it and the video would remain fully credited to you.

Please let me know if you might be interested or if you have any questions or comments.

Look forward to hearing from you.



I responded to Emilio and told him that I'd be happy to help.

I love the internet for several reasons and this sort of connection is toward the top of that list. I don't know what I'll say in my video response to Emilio but I'll think of something. I did go to my Netflix account today and put You've Got Mail at the top of my queue.

Rachel is at Sonshine Fest in Willmar this weekend. She left yesterday with the youth group from Prince of Peace and Tammy will pick her up late Friday night. The past few years Tammy and Rachel have gone together to this event but Tammy's new work schedule kept her home this year. This is one of those areas where we as parents let go a little more and realize that the days of our child being dependent on us are becoming less and less. We're happy to see them grow into who they're becoming but we're sad for the child they no longer are.

Just tonight Tammy and I were in a restaurant and I noticed what looked to be a grandfather with his grandson. I had Tammy sneak a glance at them and I told her that that would be us before too long. She smiled. We began talking about some of the things we'll do with our grandchildren when the time comes. Disney World for sure. A summer day spent at Valley Fair and the occasional trip to the movies. Maybe we'll just pick them up to go to DQ. It will be a nice transition. We probably shouldn't be getting too far ahead of ourselves.

I made a few trips to Home Depot today to build my stockpile of garden blocks for the flower garden along our front walk. They weigh 22lbs each and I need approximately 130 of them. I'm careful not to overload my 7 year old truck. I made 3 trips today and I'll make a couple more tomorrow.

I'm in the middle of prepping where the blocks will go and hope to have the entire project done tomorrow. I'd planned to wait until a couple weeks from now when I'm off work to do this job but I'm glad I decided to get a jump on it. I was going to run the landscape lighting wire tonight but I couldn't find the 100 foot, 12 gauge wire I'd purchase a few nights ago for $39. I could remember unloading my truck of all the lights I'd bought but I couldn't recall bringing the wire in. I checked in our garage and in my truck but it wasn't there. I called Lowes to see if they have a place where they keep items that customers pay for but forgetfully leave behind. They connected me with that person and she told me that they had my wire and would hold it for me.

As I was saying in a previous post, I'm becoming more concerned with unnecessary trips in my truck in an effort to conserve fuel and this trip was one I could have done without. Anyway, I got to Lowes and sure enough they had my wire. Had I waited until next week to tackle this project I'm not so sure they'd have still been waiting for me to come looking for my wire. I like Lowes. I only wish they were closer.


Tim said...

You could save yourself time and the gas expense by paying for delivery of those landscaping blocks, and save your arms and shoulders in the process (for the installation later).

It looks like you've got lots of money!

Kevin said...

I was going to have the blocks delivered but I was told that they would either leave them on the grass or the driveway but not in the street. I didn't like those two options.

My other thought was to rent one of their trucks at Home Depot and pile all the blocks in one load in it but my insurance information wasn't up to date in my glove box so I scrapped that plan.

As of tonight the block work is done. A blog to follow shortly.

Anonymous said...

OMG where is the next post? I am such a phlegm...I can't wait anymore.