Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've never been more ready for spring at this point in the year. This winter has provided us with a steady barrage of cold and snow unlike any I can remember going back many years. We had a steady snow falling on us from Sunday night into Tuesday morning that left its mark to the tune of another 8". It stopped being pretty a while ago; now it's just pretty deep. Our snow banks have never been this high in the nearly 18 years I've lived in our home. I've pretty much maxed out my ability to add much more to the height of the mound at the end of our driveway without seriously risking throwing my back out.

Thankfully I've got my trusty Simplicity 8hp snowblower I bought at Lyndale Lawn and Garden Center in 1986 when I lived 5 miles to the east and had almost twice the driveway I do now. It served me well then and it's still up to the task. I nearly replaced it this past fall but it was spared when I decided I needed to be more serious about Rachel's college fund.

Once each day I'm out by the side of our house making sure the feeders are full. There's always activity there when I'm not around to disturb the critters; birds and squirrels during the day and rabbits at night. Allie and Charlie can't wait to put the run on them each time we let them out but their leashes stop them just a few feet short from where they feed, but still they try. Toby couldn't care less.

2:00 AM  phone calls are never a good thing.  Tammy and I awoke to one on Tuesday with word from Tammy's sister Cindy that their mother was being taken by ambulance to the hospital in Ely, about 15 miles north of Babbitt. She had a severe headache with shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat. They got her stabilized and were keeping her for a couple days until they could perform a stress test on her today.

I've spent this past week putting together a website for Keith's cabinet shop. He and Doug already have one but to be honest, it's in need of attention. It lacks any high quality photos of their work and it doesn't appear that the guy who maintains it is all that interested in doing much about it. Or it could be that it's beyond his ability to do any more than he has with the web-based website creating software he's using. I told Keith I'd be happy to put it together and keep it updated at no cost. Once the site is together it will take very little time to keep it current.

It may go through a couple changes before it's complete but I've got the basic format for it laid out.  I'll transfer the domain name over to my GoDaddy account where I've got a bunch of excess storage and can host it there. I'd like it to be a site where people can look through the shop's catalog of photos in the comfort of their home to help give them ideas for what they could have done for themselves. I've got a bunch more photos to upload and populate the empty links but the project is moving along and should be finished before too long. I wish I could say the same for Winter.

Edit...look to my previous post for a video of Gene playing guitar that was uploaded after I'd originally posted it...or, here's a link to the video.

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