Monday, November 22, 2010

And So It Goes

As I came into work yesterday the guard at the gate asked me if anybody had ever told me that I look like Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle? "I've heard of the show" I told him but "no, I've never been told that." I made a point as I found a parking spot to remember the actor's name so I could look him up later. Years ago my sister used to say that I reminded her of Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains. There was a time when Rachel thought I looked like Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys. I'm not sure what to think? A few days ago one of my coworkers suggested I change my Facebook profile picture to Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. And so I amused Leslee and the few people who 'liked' her post on my wall and did as she asked.

I'm glad they weren't making comparisons to Howdy Doody or Alfred E. Neuman.

I only managed one ride on my bike this past week; the Hampton loop. My riding has slowed to a near halt but I'm fine with that as I was ready for some time off.

I spent a couple hours in the garage Saturday night breaking down my blue Serotta and cleaning it for use indoors on my rollers. While wiping down the rear wheel I noticed a good size crack in the rim of my rear wheel on the drive-side. I looked a little closer and found another. Needless to say, I won't be taking this wheel out on the road again. I figure it's fine for use on my rollers and will likely see if it'll get me through the winter but I'll have to watch those cracks closely.

My red Serotta has been in the shop for a few weeks waiting on parts for a front end overhaul. I'm having the fork, stem, and handlebars replaced. I'm also switching out the saddle to another Turnex Pro to match my other ride. The setups on both bikes should be a little more similar now and that's what I'm after. So, until I get my bike back from the shop I'm stuck inside.

Among the nicknames we've got for Charlie the one I'm using the most lately is Poo Peter. We can't seem to break him of that nasty thing he does.

My Congressman, John Kline, has been on a crusade to eliminate earmarks. While I think they too need to be looked at I think his time would be better spent on things more important such as the ridiculous amount of money we're spending on our military or other budget busters such as Medicare.

Earmarks amount to 2% at most of our budget but you would think with all the attention they get that figure would be much higher. Why such concern about earmarks when there are other areas with considerable more waste that dwarf whatever savings could be realized from cutting all earmarks? In trying to get our deficit under control a preoccupation with earmarks is akin to trying to bail out a flooding/sinking rowboat with a spoon rather than a bucket. much spending on our military is enough? In a sense, aren't the terrorist states winning when they've got us wrecking our economy and seeing boogeymen under every bed, behind every closet door or zipper as we attempt to defend ourselves against any possible threat they may pose? Not that there haven't been successes but at what cost?

We can throw all the money in the world at it but in the end, it's still an impossible task. But maybe that's the key here...throwing more money around.

And so it goes.


Alistair said...

Found you by accident and have enjoyed a quick look around. I'm not a cyclist - shaped more like a wheel if you have to ask - but I follow a blog you might like. One of the local bloggers uses a Surly Pugsley on the local beaches and coastal trails and makes some nice wee films as he goes - some of which have now won awards.

Here's a link if you'd like to check him out.

Will come back for another look at your stuff when I have a bit more time. I hope your Mum keeps well.


Kevin said...

Hi Al,

The Surly Pugsley is made less than 10 miles from where I live but sadly I don't own one.

Thanks for the blog suggestion. It looks like he's having a blast out there doing his thing. I've got his blog and yours bookmarked.