Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Planning Stage and Mukluk Heaven

It was 21 years ago that our home was being built and I can say without any doubt that I never imagined then that it would take this long to put a deck on the back of our house. It was just never a priority. I always wanted one but I also had plans in the back of my mind to do more than a simple deck and unless and until I could realize those plans I would just leave well enough alone. I suppose after a while I even stopped seeing it as unfinished.

Anyway, that's all about to change.

The dream I've had all these years is to have some kind of screen or 3-season porch extending out from where you see the sliding door in the photo with a deck working its way to the right along the back of the house. My most recent ideas have all been leaning toward a screen-porch, wanting the feel of being outside but without the nuisance of bugs. But now that we're getting much more serious about moving forward with this project and have taken some time to weigh our options we've decided to go with a 3-season porch that we can utilize year-round, full of windows to let in the sunlight and give us the feeling that we're not simply in another room in our home.

I think it's time to sit down with some graph paper and sketch up some basic ideas.

I had a blast riding my Mukluk on Friday. I got out mid-morning and headed toward some gravel roads southwest of home near Murphy Hanrahan Park, an area where I had so much fun riding last winter before being sidelined. I hadn't intended to use the snowmobile trails that often shadowed the road, thinking that I didn't belong there on my bike but the lure of them was much too strong especially considering that there was no traffic on them whatsoever. And so I did. I doubled back and picked up the trail and soon realized that I was in Mukluk heaven! It was so fun out there. For the most part, the trail is actually on county land and is part of a park system. I'm not exactly sure what the legalities are for snow-bikes being on the trail. I would never attempt it on a weekend with increased snowmobile traffic.

I took a road-trip with Toby yesterday afternoon back down along the Mississippi River past Red Wing and toward Lake Pepin in search of eagles once again. We saw a few but none that got very near to us. Still, it was nice to be out and while Toby didn't exactly come out and tell me, I just knew he really enjoyed the one-on-one time with me as did I with him. He's a special guy.

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