Tuesday, April 6, 2004

First Warm Day

I got off work two hours early to battle the wind on the road...I won. It slowed me some but I had a blast. I even rode with a 60 year old guy, Cleve Pederson, from Minneapolis who was surprisingly strong. He rides around 11,000 per year which is remarkable when you consider our climate for half the year. I headed south on hwy3 and took that to Fairbault.

It was very slow going with the winds at times gusting close to 30mph. I turned around with an average speed of 14.5mph. I turned and headed for home the same way I came. I was flying! I ran my speed up to 35mph at times in the flats and would hold that for half mile stretches then would back off to about 27 mph, then hit it again. Still, the wind had taken its toll on me and as usual, you never gain as much from it as it takes from you. The day was much like the day 3 years ago when I rode past the turkey farm and hit the dog at around 38 mph. I rode by there today and thought I'd try and put out the same speed as I went by but my legs were becoming fried by that time.

I came through Farmington and stopped to talk with Tammy while she waited outside Brenda's Dance Studio to pick up Rachel. I had her take my photo

We chatted for 15 minutes and I could feel my legs begin to tighten. I'd thought of going 80 miles but I headed for home and managed 72 miles. Thanks, God, for the ride.

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