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Finding My Mojo!

My work schedule is allowing for us to attend 'tech sessions' at Foci and we're both happy about that. There's so much good information we're exposed to during these 90-minute presentations. I brought along my video camera to record some of what we saw so I could link to it on Foci's Facebook page for others to see. Swedish Overlay with Eoin Breadon I woke up Thursday morning feeling more tired than usual. After feeding the pups and letting them outside, I proceeded to plop down in front of my laptop and waste the next 3 hours clicking away. I really hate when that happens especially when I've got a dozen other things I need to check off of my to-do list. I recovered somewhat and went down on my CompuTrainer for a late afternoon ride to assuage some of the guilt I was feeling. It worked! Friday morning would not be a repeat of Thursday. I was out the door for a walk with the pups before 9:00 and on my bike before 11:00 after allowing for the temp to cr

Spring Has Arrived!

I was back at Twin Cities Orthopedics Monday morning to have my right knee looked at yet again. I was last there 17 months ago when I was considering stem cell therapy for my knee and wanted to get a more educated opinion about going that route.  Stem cell therapy looks promising but as my doctor cautions me, it lacks enough case studies to support its efficacy. He doesn't feel it's ready for primetime. I have a friend at work who's had it done and swears by it so I'm a little conflicted about it. Dr. Johnson took another round of Xrays and suggested I consider a corticosteroid injection . He said the cartilage in my right knee has deteriorated to where there are areas where it's nonexistent. I asked him about Synvisc and he said that would also be a good course of action but that my health insurance provider will require me to have the steroid injection first. I agreed to give it a try. He stressed that my cycling is the best thing I can do for my knee and to

One Last Dance and an Alert GoPro

I was thinking that because of our lingering winter it would likely be April before I'd be able to get up on the roof and take down our Christmas lights. One more day and it would've been! I'm glad to say that the job is nearly done thanks to some very welcomed mild temps earlier in the week. We've still got some lights buried under snow which needs to melt before I can get to them.  70ยบ on Wednesday should make a good dent in whatever snow remains. This was the view Thursday morning after 7" of snow fell overnight. I got the snowblower out for (hopefully)  one last workout  before putting it away until next winter. Rachel starts a new job in May working as a medical scribe at the  People's Center in Minneapolis. From this link : "A medical scribe's primary duties are to follow a physician through his or her workday and chart patient encounters in real-time using a medical office's Electronic Health Record and existing templates."  It shou