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A Concerning Diagnosis

Due to two separate rib injuries, I've been relegated to indoor riding for the last few months with the exception of one romp along the river trails 7 weeks ago where I suffered my last injury in a fall . I've been able to stay in good riding form from the many hours I've spent on my indoor trainer but it's not the same as being outdoors with the sun on my face. With my ribs feeling as good as they've felt in months, I took to the trails yesterday. For obvious reasons, I rode more cautiously than I normally do. It was nice. (There's an embedded video of my ride below.) I've been wondering why I seem so prone to rib injuries (3 separate incidents in 8 months) so I scheduled a bone density scan for this past week as a way of ruling in or ruling out any bone-related issues. A bone density scan is typically recommended for women at age 65 but it's not something men are normally screened for unless there's a history of fractures. I got my results in an em

Rouvy, Bathroom Remodel, and Men with Agendas

I was hoping to take my fatty to the river bottoms yesterday morning and ride the trails there but I'm still not recovered enough from my most recent rib injury 4 weeks ago . The injured area isn't all that noticeable to me, I can cough and sneeze and tie my shoelaces without pain, but pressing on the area or laying with my weight on it still hurts. That tells me it's still vulnerable to being injured again even in a mild crash. I think it's best that I wait a while longer. I've been using my indoor trainer a fair amount to improve my fitness on the bike and truth be told, I tend to work harder and get a better workout riding indoors than I do outside. I focus more on my effort when I'm on my indoor trainer, so much so that I've been stressing my knees more than normal. I need to back off a little. I normally ride a program called Zwift, a computer-generated world where we indoor cyclists gather to ride the many worlds of Zwift. It's an awesome program