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A Faith Walk and Talk and Some Funny Stuff!

I got a message on my Droid yesterday alerting me to a shipment I'd be receiving from Amazon: Mechanical Bull has shipped and is due to arrive on Tuesday. Say what? What did I or Tammy inadvertently place an order for? I've never ridden a mechanical bull and I'm not about to start now, besides, we don't have room for one! Cruising Facebook a few hours later I see a post from Kings of Leon. Mechanical Bull hits the stores today! That explains it. I'd pre-ordered the CD but didn't remember the title. I'm listening to it now on my Amazon Cloud Player. So far, so very good! We finally made it back to Foci last Thursday for the first time in more than two months but we only stayed an hour. There's a crack in the crucible we gather from and because of that, the glass level is much lower than usual, meaning, it get's really hot when you try and reach in to gather glass. Tammy, not being very tall is at a real disadvantage. I made a couple of tumblers befo

Let Fall Begin!

It's been a nice, lazy, relaxing day at home. We had plans to spend the afternoon at the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee but I had to cancel so I can give my body a chance to recover from some aches I acquired over the past few days beginning with a fall onto some landscape rocks on the side of our house. A fall that no doubt must've looked hilarious or painful or both had anyone been there to witness it. I had my Husqvarna trimmer in hand as I walked back toward the garage to put it away when suddenly my feet came out from under me and I fell on my right side bruising at least a couple ribs. I think I tripped over some landscape edging but I'm not sure. I got up, a little stunned and noticed that my trimmer fared worse than I did as it's now in need of a new handle. Tammy was concerned because of my Factor V Leiden condition and the risk of clotting from an impact such as that but what can I do? I didn't let my sore ribs deter me from my main project this week

Tune-ups, Adrift and a Pool Solution

There's a ballroom dance team at Stony Brook University and Rachel couldn't be happier. She met with them Thursday night for the first time and called us afterward, all pumped that there are so many talented people in the group. She was most excited about an offer she accepted from one of their dancers to be his partner in an upcoming competition. He's really good too she said so that kind of tells me that she must've made an impression on him at least. This is such an important part of her life and who she is. I love that she will always be a dancer. I just don't see her ever not being involved in dance. She's still without a set of wheels other than her bike(s). She's frustrated that the only convenient place to park her bike near her dorm at SBU is within range of a lawn sprinkler that routinely sprays all of the bikes in the rack causing them to prematurely rust . My guess is that some of the bikes in the rack have been abandoned but still, it's

This Was to be the Day

Today was to have been my last day as an air traffic controller. I was to come in this morning, turn in my headset, sign my retirement papers and be on my way because I'd turned 56 the previous month (mandatory retirement age for controllers). But because of some time spent in Flight Service early on in my career (Flight Service was then one of three control options within the FAA) I have a waiver to work as long as I want. The exception makes no sense to me but I'm not questioning it. I think I'll hang around a little longer with no apologies to the few that are troubled by this. When we were out in NYC last week we stopped at a Verizon store where Rachel and I upgraded our phones to the Droid Maxx which was just released. I haven't yet taken the time to sit down with mine and become totally familiar with it but so far I like what I've seen. It moves between applications and web pages very fast which had become a real problem with my two-year-old Droid Bionic. Th