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Huron to Rapid City Via the Badlands

I didn't plan on this being more than 1 or 2 posts about our trip but I can't seem to condense it down to that. Work with me and I'll keep it interesting. I promise! Part one can be found here . With Huron in our rear-view mirror, we headed west on Highway 14 toward Pierre, the capital of South Dakota and a city I'd never been to. Tammy was in control of the music this entire vacation and I was happy to let her surprise me with her selections. Never once did she disappoint. I could tell that she was cheating a little in my favor, not that there's much of a difference in our likes. We'd both been dreaming of our time away for a while and the chance to just point our car in the direction of the open road while watching the world pass by and not thinking (especially Tammy) about work. In another life, I could've maybe been a long-haul trucker, but maybe not. There's something very seductive about seeing the world this way but I don't suppose my bl

And I Said Goodbye to Huron, Again

Tammy and I took advantage of a break in our schedules to get away for a 5-day vacation to our neighboring state of South Dakota this past week. It had been 10 years since we were last there but that trip hadn't included a stop in Huron where I used to live in the early to mid-'80s when I worked at the Flight Service station there. I made a point of spending one night in the city this time. I needed to see the town again and to reminisce a little along the way. We took highway 14 which was the route I used to take when I first moved out there. Passing through small towns I hadn't seen in nearly 30 years would at times evoke some memories that hadn't risen to the surface in so long. Sometimes it was a bend in the road that would jog my memory, a section of highway long ago forgotten about but seeing it again would recall a memory so vividly. Other times it was the topography, coming up over a rise and seeing a city or a building off in the distance just the way I reme

A Dream to Ponder and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I had a dream about my Dad yesterday afternoon while I was catching a couple of hours of sleep before my all-night shift. It was a lengthy dream, or so it seemed, where one thing leads to another and another. In my dream, I was on my bike coming back home from Rosemount. I noticed that my wheels weren't turning over very easily and I thought that maybe it was because of the coarseness of the sidewalk I was on. I got off to look at my wheels and found myself standing in the driveway of some home where a bunch of people had gathered outside. We were all waiting for the owner to return because the only way to continue on our way was through their garage. I know, it makes no sense. While I was standing there, a guy approached me and said he noticed my name on my jersey and wondered if my father's name was Peter. I told him it was and that he'd been dead for many years. He said he used to work for him at Control Data and that he remembers him as a really nice man. He opened up

Getting Outside My Bubble

I live in a bubble. I've got my comfortable life with all of the conveniences and distractions I could ever want. I was complaining to Tammy yesterday morning that all of the mini marshmallows were stuck together in the bag and because of that, I didn't want to hassle with them for my coffee. I know—pathetic for more than one reason. It's enough to cause me to feel a sense of guilt at times knowing that there are countless others for whom there are few if any guilty pleasures in their lives and still others for whom there is little hope for a better future from their world of abject poverty or upheaval caused by war. My Facebook feed lately is all too often riddled with postings from friends about fighting in the Middle East or rioting in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri as I/we/they paint with a broad brush, defining one large group of people by the actions of a few. We've all developed our prejudices along the way and there's no lack of groups or places to go o

How Adventurous Do You Want To Get On Your Birthday?

Tammy recently asked me, "How adventurous do you want to get on your birthday?" I knew exactly what she was hinting at. "Are you thinking of skydiving?" I asked. She smiled. I knew it! This is something we've been kicking around for the longest time but never seriously enough to plan it out. My one concern I told her was my right knee and my reluctance to do anything that might injure it. I've seen the soft landings made in most jumps but for every several of those successes, there's always the one that doesn't end so smoothly . I dunno...this is something I could very easily be talked into. It's also something I could come to regret ever doing for a very long time. What to do what to do what to do??? I went in for my annual FAA physical Monday afternoon and failed it. Not to be alarmed though because I failed it for reasons that are actually good. The EKG part has tripped me up before because of my heart's bradycardia condition . I recal

I'm Ready for Another 15 Years!

What a full weekend it's been! I surprised Tammy with tickets to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit on Wednesday night at Vetter Stone Amphitheater in Mankato. We'd seen him back in February but the show left us wanting more because it was less of a concert and more of a podcast production. We sat through the first two acts while doing our best to make the most of our obstructed view. Just prior to capturing this video , we were seated right behind this guy getting his groove on. Someone got up to move so we scooted over. He kept us entertained. We made our way toward the front of the stage before Jason and his band came out. Tammy was fortunate enough to score a spot on the rail just to the left of center-stage. I was really happy for her. The weather was perfect and so was the night. What a great way for us to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! Speaking of our wedding... Without question, Tammy and Rachel coming into my life have been the best thing t