Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Dream to Ponder and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I had a dream about my Dad yesterday afternoon while I was catching a couple of hours of sleep before my all-night shift. It was a lengthy dream, or so it seemed, where one thing leads to another and another.

In my dream, I was on my bike coming back home from Rosemount. I noticed that my wheels weren't turning over very easily and I thought that maybe it was because of the coarseness of the sidewalk I was on. I got off to look at my wheels and found myself standing in the driveway of some home where a bunch of people had gathered outside. We were all waiting for the owner to return because the only way to continue on our way was through their garage. I know, it makes no sense. While I was standing there a guy approached me and said he noticed my name on my jersey and wondered if my father's name was Peter. I told him it was and that he'd been dead for many years. He said he used to work for him at Control Data and that he remembers him as a really nice man. He opened up his tablet and quickly navigated to a photo he had of my dad. We continued walking down the sidewalk together and I was beginning to feel very emotional about what he was saying. I was fighting back tears. Tammy was now there and a squirrel crawled in between the spokes of my front wheel. She reached in to take him out but he ran away. I asked my dad's friend if he could tell me some stories about my dad and he said he'd be happy to. We took a seat on some grass beside the sidewalk and as he talked I began to cry. I tried to hold it back but couldn't. I felt embarrassed.

I woke up shortly after and felt sad at what I'd just experienced because it seemed so real. I don't typically remember my dreams in such detail but often times when I do I can associate them with something in my life. I have no clue where there might be a connection between my life and this dream but I'll ponder it over the next few days.

We brought the pups up to Jackie and Jerry's tonight where they'll be for the next several days while we head out west. It's been a while since they were there but I think they'll make the adjustment just fine. We're so grateful for them opening up their home to our little guys. They'll have plenty of company, love and a fenced-in backyard to keep them busy while we're away. Haha...they probably won't want to leave!

We won't be able to make it to the studio to blow glass for at least a couple weeks. Such is summer. I drove up to Foci yesterday to pick up our work from last week and came away with two pieces I was pleased with. One other piece missed the mark because of the copper ruby color I used. It's too dense and muddy to allow any light through. I was disappointed because the piece's shape and size were just right. Anyway, here's a photo of the other two pieces to the right.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping the net and social media sites. I was really hoping the whole thing would die down before I received a challenge but no such luck. Thanks, Pat! Actually, it's for a very good cause and I'll be making a donation in addition to having done the challenge.

I do think this would've been much more interesting and challenging had we all been doing this 6 months ago when it well below zero here!

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