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Zicam, Getting Up Real Early and a New Project

It was great riding weather this past weekend but I couldn’t partake in it. I locked myself in our shop and worked on getting some drawings done for a window project we’re about to start in our basement. I’ve got some sort of chest cold so I figured it was a good time to not worry about riding and focus on the drawings. I’m a believer in the zinc nasal spray called Zicam. I still get my occasional colds but I think this stuff helps to lessen their severity and length. Maybe it’s all a placebo effect but that’s still fine. Rachel’s avoided the bug so far but Tammy and I haven’t. Usually, it’s the other way around. I noticed Rachel was up in the middle of the night on Thursday for quite some time in her bathroom. I didn’t wake Tammy as I figured she’s a big girl and if there’s a problem she’ll let us know. I mentioned it to Tammy early the next morning and thought that she may want to check on her before she left for work. It turns out that Rachel thought she heard her alarm go off a

From Pollywog to Shellback

I hadn't been on the ship more than a few months when we crossed the equator on our way to Brisbane, Australia. I think we got underway from the Philippines or somewhere in that vicinity and traveled south. It was probably a couple weeks of port and starboard shifts so having the initiation thrown in was a nice diversion. The night before the crossing we held a beauty contest made up of a Wog from each division. I was the junior guy in my division but moreover,  the most beautiful and so I was chosen to represent OI division. I have to mention that the negligee I'm wearing was courtesy of Pete Alford. He bought it in Hong Kong for his least that's the excuse he gave us for having it. My boss, OS1 Corey , had been saving some eggs in the overhead panels of the 1st class mess which he'd gotten in port a month earlier. By the time of the crossing, they were ripe. How I escaped having one of them placed in my mouth and then broken I'll never know. And som

Letter to the Editor

Yesterday in the Star Tribune the editors opined the following... An American right is under siege Minnesota has a lot to share with its nearby states, and medical expertise is high on the list. But things have gone awry when a next-door neighbor must ship in Minnesota doctors to perform a procedure local physicians could easily undertake. That's what has happened in South Dakota, where the fight over reproductive rights has grown so heated that getting an abortion is just this side of impossible. Hence the flying Minnesota doctors -- four of them, who take turns showing up at South Dakota's only abortion clinic to provide a service that no doctor in the state dares to offer. Never mind that the procedure is legal -- and that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared its availability a constitutional right. South Dakota's abortion foes have rendered those facts nearly irrelevant by branding as a "baby-killer" any doctor willing to perform abortions. Not surprising

Blokus, In With The New and Third Day With The David Crowder Band

The holidays are over for another year. We took down our tree on Saturday and packed away all the decorations. Tammy's mom came into town to see her new and first great grandchild. She gave us a hand with our un-decorating. I let the outdoor lights run through last night and went out and pulled the plug on them this morning. We have an evergreen tree in a pot downstairs with lights on it which is all that remains of our Christmas decorations and I’m not in a hurry to see it go. On New Year's Eve, we were going to order an appetizer tray from Applebees but Tammy did one better and baked up some chicken wings, egg rolls, twice-baked potatoes, and quesadillas. Rachel was skiing at Buck Hill with Katrina but Tammy’s sister, Theresa , celebrated with us. We got a little crazy playing Blokus and Scrabble. Whoohooo! Blokus is a strategy game we got recently. It’s best played with four people. The object is to take your pieces and place them on the board while attempting to block