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No Particular Place to Be

Rachel is quickly learning the ropes of her job at the flower shop in Bloomington. She commented on a vase of Lillis Tammy had on our kitchen table and asked: "Are those Stargazer Lilies?" She works two days a week doing odd jobs while taking orders in person and on the phone. It's a good summer gig which leaves her plenty of time to put her feet up and recharge her batteries before she begins her sophomore year of college. It sounds like the kind of job where they'll be able to use her whenever she's home on break so there's no need for her to have to beat the pavement looking for work while competing with the masses of kids all doing the same thing. I'm fair-skinned. I typically spend way too much time outdoors in the warmer months for my own good so I see a dermatologist a couple of times each year to be checked for any suspicious spots on my body that may potentially develop into skin cancer.  The spots are frozen and after a week or two, they're

What Else is New?

It was nice to take my Thursday and Friday off from work this week even though it caused me to not be able to keep my days straight. Thursday became Friday and Friday was Saturday. How will I ever manage when I'm retired? I'm sure I'll find a way. I'll be in the every-day-is-Saturday mode then so I don't suppose it will matter much. I really struggled at Foci this week. Anybody who's been doing this any length of time will tell you that there will always be days like that. I felt tired and not all that focused.  Definitely not the best mindset to have when trying to blow glass. Tammy did well so I was happy for her. We've decided to expand our knowledge base and shift our focus to making bowls. We're not going to bother with adding color until we've got a decent grasp of the steps for making them. Adding color adds considerably to the prep time which would be better spent just practicing the form. Besides, color costs extra and a good many of our e

They're Back and Preparing for a Double

My recurring dream is back. It's been a while since I last dreamt it and I would've been quite happy if it never revisited me. It's about as disturbing as any dream I can remember. I used to have a couple of pet Cockatiels years ago and one of them was especially sweet and dear to me . In the dream, I go down into a part of our basement that's secluded from the rest of our house, a place where I seldom go. When I open the door I find the birdcage with both Coocoo and Coconut inside. I'm shocked because I've totally forgotten that they were there and it's been months since I've fed them or given them fresh water. They're so neglected although they don't appear to be. I feel terrible and I'm profoundly sad. It usually occurs to me the next morning that I had the dream again and it leaves me both disturbed and with a sense of relief that it was only a dream. This is about as personal as I get in my blog about my former life. I'm not sure w

It's a Beautiful Day

My little-blog-that-could keeps plugging along at over 7.5 years old. I have no idea how long I'll continue to write to it but hopefully, for years to come. I sometimes see other bloggers posting apologies on their blogs for not writing more frequently and promising to do a better job. I see no need to do that, not just because I write here regularly (although not necessarily frequently) but because I do this primarily for me. That others find it interesting enough to follow along is a bonus and I'm grateful for that. Thank you. I'm big into reminiscing and have been ever since I've been old enough to have something to reminisce about I suppose. So when you see (as you will toward the end of this piece) a video of a ride I did over the weekend it may seem like a boring video to anybody else but to me, there's going to be some significance to it in 10 or 20 years. I imagine how cool it would be to have video from some of the rides I did when I first began seriously