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Mike Maughan

Man, I've been ignoring my blog. Anyway, I've been coasting on autopilot for a while as I try and avoid the mid-winter blues. Tammy had a large party planned for a dozen or more friends from work last Friday but 7 inches of snow put the brakes on that. She may try again for this Friday but it will only be for a few friends. For several years I've been trying to locate a friend of mine from my Navy days, and tonight I finally got a hit. Here's  Mike from a photo taken on our '76 Westpac cruise. And to the left is a more recent photo of him I turned up tonight. A Google search found his photo and email address. He's now a Major in the Army from what little information I could find. I sent him an email so hopefully, he'll find it tomorrow and get back to me. We were very good friends way back when. We used to cruise around San Diego in his Toyota in the mid to late '70s. He was such an easy-going guy and a hoot to hang around with. I'm not quite su


I continue to have a recurring dream with different variations. A couple nights ago the dream morphed into one where the fish in our fish tank had jumped out and were dying on the floor. It got more foreboding when I was standing with Rachel watching as large cliffs of sand were falling over and burying people. I noticed a snake on top of one of the cliffs and in the next scene I'm holding the snake in my hand and nibbling at its tail. I look down to see that the snake has bitten into my thumbnail but it didn't draw any blood. There was no pain but then I've never experienced pain in a dream. I mentioned the dream to Jackie and she immediately came to the conclusion that my dreams are about Noy. When I first began having them I too thought the same thing but I discounted that idea. The more I think about it though, the more I think Jackie may be right. These dreams are about neglect and abandonment. I hadn't neglected my obligations to Noy but since my support payment

The Dream

I've been having a recurring dream the past several months and I would really like to know what it means. In my dream, I'm entering an out of the way part of our basement. All of a sudden I realize that my pet birds, Cuckoo and Coconut are still in the basement and haven't been cared for. Sometimes it's our lizards, Ole and Lena, in my dream and they're the ones being neglected. I don't have either the birds or the lizards anymore. Once I realize that my pets are down there I get a sinking feeling that they must be dead by now as they haven't had food or water in months. I approach their cage to find them a bit haggard but still alive. I think I've had this dream 5 times in the last few months. My obvious thought is that there is something or someone in my life I've been neglecting but I can't put my finger on it. The scary part is that I don't realize the neglect until it's nearly too late. So I take an inventory of what is important to


I've been listening to Collective Soul's new cd, Youth. There are some excellent songs and I don't think there is anything weak about it. We had a nice New Years although we really didn't celebrate it per se'. We had a basement warming party yesterday and had some family and friends over. It was an especially long day for Tammy as she had to be up early and didn't get much if any sleep at all the night before. After everyone was gone she went to lay down around 6:30 with the idea that she'd get up and we'd ring in the new year together. I let her sleep and she went through the night happy the next morning to feel much better. I stayed up and relaxed in front of the new TV and surround sound checking out some HDTV programming. It really is nice. I watched a Doobie Brothers concert.