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Deconstructing My Faith

I'm being a bum today. I'd planned to ride my indoor trainer but I'm sorta just fine doing nothing except for catching up on my blog. Between stained glass projects and keeping our driveway cleared of snow , I've been quite busy. It doesn't appear that there's much of a break in this snowy period we find ourselves, but at least we're breaking snowfall records. It would be a shame to get this much snow and walk away with nothing to show for it. Just for fun, here's a look back at  two years ago and here's from two days ago . Yes, I'm very proud of my snowbanks—thanks for asking. I finished the stained glass window to the left yesterday (the one in the middle). There's something calming to me when looking at the lines of these windows. I suppose it speaks to the Virgo in me and my desire for things to be orderly. I won't try and explain it any more than that—you either get it or you don't. Here's a link to it in more detail on m

Tammy's Recovery Continues, Snowshoeing, Glass projects and More

Tammy has made significant progress in her hip replacement surgery recovery. The first 5 days post-op were more difficult than either of us anticipated they would be but she's been making steady improvement. She's graduated from a walker to crutches and now to simply one crutch. We expect that she'll be abandoning the crutch soon for a cane we purchased for her. She's mostly off her meds and is okay to drive but I've still been taking her places because of the abundance of ice and snow between handicap parking and the entrance to wherever she's going. I like being able to drop her off right at the door to minimize the risk of a fall which could be catastrophic to her recovery. She's busy making plans for a small vacation to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this summer—a vacation where we plan to do plenty of hiking with her new hip! I'm one month out from walking away from Facebook and while I do miss many of my connections there, I'm happy t