Monday, October 31, 2005

7000 miles and the David Crowder Band

I went over 7000 miles on my bike this morning before work. I've slacked off some in the last couple months but I had a good week this past week. It was a beautiful day for riding. Most people might call it cool at 45 degrees when I left home but if you've got the proper clothing it's not bad. Anyway, I managed 51 miles this morning to get me to the 7000-mile mark before the month was over and that was my goal.

Tammy, Rachel and I are getting psyched to see the David Crowder Band in a few weeks in St. Paul. They came out with a cd last year titled, Illuminate, which was excellent and just a few weeks ago they released another called, A Collision. There's so much good music on it but my favorite song is Do Not Move. It's got a bit of a techno feel to begin which I like but then it really rocks. They're playing with the Robbie Seay band and they too have got a very good cd they're touring with. It should be a lot of fun.

Tammy and I are hoping to take the plunge soon into the world of glass blowing. We went out to Foci Studios in Minneapolis a few weeks ago where they were having an expo We got a chance to meet some of the artists and watch them work.

I've got a friend, Bill, who works out of the same studio and he invited us to come by and watch him blow glass a couple Saturdays ago. Bill has been blowing glass for about 8 years and working with stained glass a bit longer. Here he's adding some glass twists to the vase he's working on. It a fascinating medium and one which I've been wanting to try my hand at for quite a while. We've got several other projects we need to complete before we get going with it so it may be several months yet.

The Supreme Court nomination sort of put Liddy out of the spotlight for now. I'm glad that Bush has nominated a conservative man for the position. It's going to be an uphill road to get him confirmed and it may never happen. If he doesn't make it I hope the next nominee is equally as conservative and that Bush doesn't back down.

I made the mistake last week of showing my support for the pro-life movement on a liberal-oriented stained glass message board. The subject was birth control and it eventually evolved to abortion. I added that it was my hope that someday we as a people would look back on these times and see the people who support abortion then as we now look back on people who 200 years ago believed it was their right to own slaves. People then didn't look at slaves as being of equal value as them and deserving rights much the same way the proponents of abortion look at the child in the womb and say it's not deserving of life. We as a nation were wrong then to condone slavery and we're wrong now to condone abortion. For stating that belief I was banned from the stained glass message board. Whatever...the forum I was in was called 'The Bully Pulpit' and it carried a warning, 'Enter at your own risk'. So much for a free exchange of ideas. My views were too harsh I was told and that they were aggressive and insulting to people. I didn't really intend for them to come off as warm-fuzzies for them to feel good about. It was quite a pathetic display on the moderator's part. I wouldn't have minded being banned if I truly had been rude and insulting. She (the moderator) called my views 'radical' and I referred to hers as 'twisted'. Because I used the word twisted I was apparently crossing a line and being insulting. I'm not quite sure what's radical about wanting to stop partial-birth abortion but I can tell you what is radical about going inside a mother's womb and crushing the life from a living being. I'd say that's also a bit twisted.

I was out on my bike last Saturday on a busy 4 lane highway when I saw a chocolate lab trying to cross the road. He barely made it as the last car missed him by only inches. I circled back to see if I could coax the dog toward me being careful to not cause him to head back in the direction of the highway. Thankfully he let me approach him and I was able to slip my hand around his collar. It looked like he'd been out on his own for at least one week, maybe longer. His ribs were very evident and he was so thin through his rear. I called 911 and they were able to send a car out to meet me within 10 minutes. I'm not sure what became of him but I was glad that he was going to get some needed care.