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Hip Hip Hurray and So Long, Good Friend

Tammy went in for her 2nd hip replacement surgery on Wednesday. She had her left hip done a few years ago and now her right hip was in need of attention. It was past time, actually. She's been in so much pain from a bone spur in her hip which her doctor confirmed was clearly the source of her pain. I'm happy for her that the surgery is over and was successful. She's doing really well, too, aside from the expected toll the procedure has taken on her body. She's still on pain meds but is slowly trying to ween herself off them. She's mostly in bed but she gets up a few times a day to walk with her walker around our main level. The doctor wants her to do 6 minutes of walking with each session. I was talking with a friend last night who knows a few people who have had the surgery and all of them say they wish they hadn't waited so long to have it done. I'm sure Tammy will be echoing that sentiment. Rachel and I were back at Hyland Greens last week for 9 holes of