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My youngest brother, Tim, is dying of colon cancer and I'm feeling so bad for him. We had a falling out last summer when things became testy between us while our mother was living out her last months in a long-term care facility in Northfield. There were several of us who broke ties with Tim or was it Tim who moved on. Regardless, he needs us now. My sister Jackie has remained in sporadic contact with him and it was she that he confided in recently about the struggle he's in. She called me to pass along what he'd told her. I was out on a ride and listened while I pedaled along not quite sure of what to make of it and I'm ashamed to say, allowing our falling out to overshadow all of what Jackie was telling me. I returned my phone to my back jersey pocket, said a prayer for him and tried to find the rhythm I'd been enjoying before her call. But I kept thinking about Tim and what he might be going through and there's no way I could come anywhere close to apprecia

IBUs and CO2, Among Other Things.

We got our gardens planted just in time for some much-needed rain to welcome our flowers to their new home. It's always nice to have that work behind us. Tammy is a big help but once they're in the ground I'm pretty much on my own when it comes to tending to them. I don't mind—I find it relaxing to be out there putzing in the dirt. We've been enjoying our independence (I think I've mentioned that before here but it really is nice) and occasionally going out for a glass or two of wine or beer. It's nice but I'm finding that I have an allergy to the hops used in brewing beer, especially IPAs or those beers with higher IBUs . I have to be careful to order a beer with a lower IBU, preferably something less than 10 or I'll wake up with a pounding headache that will stay with me the entire day. When in doubt I'll reach for a Not Your Father's Root Beer. They're so good and they have an IBU of zero which begs the question: is it really beer? H

Then and Now, 1984 Revisited

Scott came into town from the east coast last week. Back in 1984, we were both working for the FAA in Huron, South Dakota at the Flight Service Station providing pilot weather briefings, filing flight plans and meeting the needs of the local flying community.  There were 3 golf courses in the city and 2 of them would become a main outlet of ours during the warmer months as we whiled away our time in exile, serving our penance for having come up short in our training at Minneapolis Center. Scott and I both joined the men's golf league which gathered one night each week at the main public course on the north side of town near the airport. I will never forget the first time we took the tee in front of at least a dozen others waiting their turn to do the same. Scott proceeded to hit at least 4 balls out of bounds before getting off the tee. It was an embarrassing moment that needed no words at the time. It could just as easily have been me. I made a passing mention of it when we

Not a Scam, Golf Talk and Part of a Week of Pics

I wrote a blogpost a few weeks ago about concerns that I was being scammed. It turns out it was all legit. I received a check in the mail one week ago and promptly deposited it. Some friends were rightly suspicious and voiced their concerns to me on Facebook where their words had me 2nd guessing my decision to pursue the offer.  That little video clip I stitched together paid for my Crystal Lake golf membership for the year. What a deal! Speaking of which... I was on the golf course the other day and I couldn't help but notice how much I talk to myself when I'm out there—encouraging sorta stuff. I hit plenty of poor shots but I don't see any reason for berating myself. I sometimes see that in others and it doesn't seem to help. I quietly go about my business using a voice that's only audible to me as I discuss the options of my next shot. If my game's going poorly, I'll often remind myself that I'm golfing and I'm retired. What's not to lik

Renewed Connections and Back in the Swing!

Tammy was asked if she would like to work as a nurse for the company that owns the group home where her mother stays. It would involve going to each of the 4 homes they manage and setting up pills in addition to some other nursing needs they have. It's very part-time at about 4 hours each week. She told them she would. Her mother is doing well in her new surroundings and we're very grateful for that. I don't know that she's able to grasp that she's in an entirely new place and that's fine with us. She's happy and content and that's all we could ask for. I've re-established a connection with Joe, my former stepson. It's been so nice to catch up with him and to see that both he and his brother Dave are doing well. And we have some key interests in common—Joe likes golfing and mountain biking! He told me he watches "the PGA religiously" and tries to make it to tournaments when they're in the area. Very cool. He talked about coming