Friday, May 13, 2016

Not a Scam, Golf Talk and Part of a Week of Pics

I wrote a blogpost a few weeks ago about concerns that I was being scammed. It turns out it was all legit. I received a check in the mail one week ago and promptly deposited it. Some friends were rightly suspicious and voiced their concerns to me on a Facebook where their words had me 2nd guessing my decision to pursue the offer.  That little video clip I stitched together paid for my Crystal Lake golf membership for the year. What a deal!

Speaking of which...

I was on the golf course the other day and I couldn't help but notice how much I talk to myself when I'm out there -- encouraging sorta stuff. I hit plenty of poor shots but I don't see any reason for berating myself. I sometimes see that in others and it doesn't seem to help. I quietly go about my business using a voice that's only audible to me as I discuss the options of my next shot. If my game's going poorly I'll often remind myself that I'm golfing and I'm retired. What's not to like?

I'm feeling relieved that I'm able to hit full shots again as my rib injury appears to be no more. I've been careful to do my stretches before I get to the first tee and all throughout the round. Still, I don't want to get too overconfident that this problem is behind me and let my guard down.

I'm using a Garmin S6 Approach golf watch to give me accurate distance to layup spots as well as front/center/back of the greens. It's super helpful. The game's technology has changed so much since I last played and because I'm a techy sorta guy, I'm all in. The new Callaway XR clubs are working well, too. Even though I'm well past my prime with respect to swing speed and such, I'm hitting the ball further than I ever have. It helps that one of the members of our men's league team won the club championship a couple years ago and is good about offering advice to me. He gave me some key tips yesterday that may have taken me months to stumble onto by myself.

Another thing that's also helpful is the amount of information about golf instruction and tips that's available online. I spent at least two hours a couple rainy afternoons ago watching this channel and absorbing as much as I could, excited to put it to use.

I've adopted a routine to my days that more often than not leaves me exhausted by the time I find my way to bed at night. I'm usually up around 7 and walking the pups by 8 before either getting on one of my bikes or heading out for a walk. It's been almost 2 months since I've taken a day off from working out. I'm not actually working on a streak but it's hard for me not to notice and I suppose it's sort of becoming one. Golf fits in there somewhere. I was at the course yesterday from 1:00 until 8:00. Tammy mentioned something about becoming a golf widow. Retirement is hard work!

I'll close this with some photos from this past week as well as a video from a recent ride with Reid.

Mother's Day at Perkins!

Walking the pups

Judicial Road in Lakeville

Minnehaha Falls

Mendota Bridge

A rainy walk

Men's league last night

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