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Garmin Edge 305

Okay, I've been neglecting my blog...sorry. I got a Garmin GPS unit for my bike last week and I've been playing around with it. It's an Edge 305 and it's such a cool toy. I've got to be careful to keep my eyes on the road and not spend too much at looking at all the gee-whiz stuff it's showing. It's really something how it tracks my slightest movements. Check out this photo —the red line across the top is me returning home, heading from right to left. You can even see where I got into the left turn lane to make the left turn...pretty cool. Here's a Google Earth file of the ride I took on Saturday. You'll need to download Google Earth to be able to view it. Once the file opens you can press the play button toward the left and watch the ride unfold. I love this technology.