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I'm Still Here

My blog has fallen victim to a very active summer and also to me not knowing how best to write about some things that are concerning to me—and so I put it off. When I say active, I'm mostly referring to time spent on my bike and to a lesser degree, time spent golfing as well as some walks thrown into the mix. I'll be reducing the amount of time spent riding in favor of more time on the links. My goal from now until the season ends is to try and golf at least 3 rounds each week. That may be a little ambitious but it's only Wednesday and I've already met my weekly goal. I don't want to neglect my riding too much because it's too easy to lose my cycling fitness and to someone in their mid-60s, form goes quickly and is more difficult to get back.  Tammy and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary at the end of July. Tammy made reservations at Jax Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis where we've had super experiences in the past but just a so-so dinner this time. It&