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An Intense but Happy Goodbye

I'm supposed to be out riding but I sat down a few hours ago (for just a few minutes) to upload some photos from my camera to my Flickr account and I'm still here. Maybe some downtime in front of my laptop is what I really need as it feels like I've been going nonstop for the last week or more. I did manage to finally hammer out an update to Our Sun-Porch Addition blog so I've not been totally unproductive. Okay, so I'll just do an abbreviated ride today instead. That works, too! Bryan and Sue came in from Portland via Hickory, NC a little over a week ago for a family reunion. Keith and Tracee hosted the get-together at their home in Northfield about 25 miles south of us. Theirs is the perfect place for a gathering like that! Considering how hot and humid the weather had been up until the day before the reunion, we really lucked out with a picture-perfect day...and many pictures did some of us take! Here are mine. Bryan and Sue stayed with us for the week a

I Will! Just Not Yet

Mom's checkup last Friday for her healing eye didn't go so well and she had to go back in for another surgery Saturday morning to tack her retina back in place. This latest procedure wasn't quite as involved as the other two and the prognosis appears to be good but then she's heard that before. We attended the wedding of Tammy's nephew in St. Peter last weekend. I'd only met Brady on maybe one other occasion. He's the kind of person who leaves a really positive impression on you as does his wife, Kaylee. They've got such a bright future. Both the wedding and reception were held on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus. The acoustics in the church left a lot to be desired but I loved the stained glass. It was simple but had a refined look to it. I didn't have my nicer camera with me but I tried my best to capture a panorama of the artwork with my Droid. The wedding was nice but we enjoyed the reception and dinner even more. We had picked up Rachel an

Monday Morning, Mom and Mini Marsupials

I was up at 6:30 and out the door by 7:00 this morning with the pups hurrying to get them out for a walk before the temps got above 70 and in a range where Toby and Allie struggle somewhat, especially with the high humidity we have. Walking at night hasn't been an option lately with all of the fireworks that come alive in the evening. Allie looks to jump into my arms at the first sound of them. For the most part, they're content to hang out at home next to me. If I'm gone, you'll typically find Allie and Charlie by the back door with Toby in his spot on the family room couch by the dragonfly lamp. We're looking forward to having our deck completed so they can while away the hours out there in the fresh air. After chatting with Joe this morning and giving him my approval for some decisions we needed to make about the construction of the pergola, I was free to suit up and hammer out some miles on my bike before work. I really love my Monday morning loop. It's