Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Will! Just Not Yet

Mom's checkup last Friday for her healing eye didn't go so well and she had to go back in for another surgery Saturday morning to tack her retina back in place. This latest procedure wasn't quite as involved as the other two and the prognosis appears to be good but then she's heard that before.

We attended the wedding of Tammy's nephew in St. Peter last weekend. I'd only met Brady on maybe one other occasion. He's the kind of person who leaves a really positive impression on you as does his wife, Kaylee. They've got such a bright future.

Both the wedding and reception were held on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus. The acoustics in the church left a lot to be desired but I loved the stained glass. It was simple but had a refined look to it. I didn't have my nicer camera with me but I tried my best to capture a panorama of the artwork with my Droid.

The wedding was nice but we enjoyed the reception and dinner even more. We had picked up Rachel and Tony in Rochester before leaving for St. Peter so it was nice to spend time with them too. Everything about the wedding was done so well. We'd be happy to be able to provide something as nice for Rachel someday.

I started up my truck to head into work Sunday afternoon for the beginning of my work-week and realized that I hadn't driven it at all over the weekend as the same Pink Floyd tune in the CD player kicked in where it had stopped when I'd shut the truck down after my mid-shift. Tammy disagrees with me but I think we can easily get by with one vehicle when we retire. I'm still going to push for that. I can only imagine a couple times a year when it might be convenient to have two cars so the expense hardly seems worth it. Wish me luck.

It's a slow week for our porch and deck project but Joe got lots of work done last week. That update can be found here.

I got out Monday morning under a warm, sunny sky for a 44 mile ride before work. I really loved being out there with so little traffic and the freshness of a new day. I was imagining how it will be when I'm retired and not in a hurry to get home to get ready for work. It seems that I live my life in a hurry these days, always trying to maximize my time away from work with an eye on the clock. I wanted to add in the hills of County Rd 86 on the return leg but I had to skip them. Not enough time.

I know I know I know...I can hear my retired friends thinking, 'just do it!'

I will! Just not yet.

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