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Father's Day, flying the nest and Love 105

I had to work today (Father's Day) so Tammy, Rachel and I went out for dinner Friday night. We called ahead to Outback Steakhouse and got our name on the list to shorten our wait for a table. I don't think we've ever been disappointed with our food or service there. Tammy had asked me what I wanted for Father's Day and my reply was 'a chamois' for cleaning our cars. She gave me a funny look but I told her that I could really use a new one and that I'd be happy if that's what she got me. Anyway, sitting at the restaurant she brought out a couple of gift bags for me to open. Inside the first bag, I found a sweet new camera. We were browsing cameras a couple of weeks ago at the evil BestBuy but I wasn't very intent on buying least not from them. (It's a bit of a story and can be found here ) The camera she bought me is much nicer than those I was considering at BB. It's a Panasonic Lumix They also bought some accessories to go

The law of averages or is that God speaking to me?

Tammy was out of town with her mother and an aunt over the weekend. She'll put well over a 1000 miles on her wheels before she returns sometime tonight. I was able to get out and take advantage of some beautiful weather, if not just a bit breezy, for some nice rides over the last few days. I got up early Friday morning to take the little guys for a walk so as not to leave them feeling neglected while I spent the day on my bike. I ran into a neighbor, Tom Ferguson, as we were finishing our walk. He was curious about my riding and wondered how I handled the occasional flat tire. I told him how flats weren't really much of a problem as I'd sometimes go over a thousand miles without flatting. I carry two tubes with me and seldom have I ever had to use them both on a ride. But what if I flat twice he wondered? Tom is a pilot for Northwest and I'm sure it's only natural for him to think in terms of worst-case scenarios. I told him that if I were to flat 3 times during a

Deborah and Mark, wine tasting and poor taste

My cousin Deborah came into town on a few hour layover Memorial Day with her Fiancé, Mark. She and Mark have been engaged for a few months and until recently it's been a guarded secret. Jerry and Jackie picked them up at the airport and brought them by our house for pizza. It was nice to spend time with all of them. Of course I had to break out the video camera for an addition to my YouTube account. Being the proud parents that we are we also had to pop in the DVD of Rachel's recent dance recital. Toby and Allie loved all the attention. It would've been nice to have a few more hours with everybody. I need to make more of a point of getting up to see Jackie and Jerry. They're only 40 miles away but they may as well be 400 miles away for as infrequently as we get together. I had a really nice ride yesterday. I got up early and took the pups for a walk then got suited up and was on the road by 7:30 am. I've done a lot of riding this year but no rides pushing the 1