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Sold! And Lutsen 69er Talk

We've finally sold my mother's townhome in Lakeville and the new owners have a pod of their belongings in the driveway all set to turn the vacant house into their home. It took longer than we figured it would but a deal we had in the works fell through early on while at the same time 5 other homes on her street went up for sale. Our timing couldn't have been worse. More than anyone else I think Keith and Tracee are relieved to have it sold. Keith has done a lot of work to get it ready to sell in addition to managing the monthly bills that still had to be paid. My GoPro Hero 2 has been serving me well for nearly 4 years but a scratch on its lens led to its somewhat early demise. I tried to replace the lens last week and thought I had its fixed focus set correctly and glued in place but it wasn't. The video was too blurry to be of any use. I could've probably putzed with it some more and maybe lucked out and correctly dialed in the focus but all along I've bee

Tim, Just One Last Post

This is a continuation of some of my thoughts about my brother Tim who recently passed away from colon cancer. The previous post is here . We mostly made small talk as we drove around passing time before the anesthesia no longer posed a problem and I could drop him off. I did bring up faith and God at one point. It seemed that Tim had drifted away from his faith over the past several years as he consumed a steady diet of  Christopher Hitchens YouTube videos while often sharing them on Facebook. I do think he had faith but not one that could fit neatly into the confines of any religion and not a faith that he was inclined to talk about, at least not with me. He was fine with Tammy and me praying over him at the hospital before his upper endoscopy procedure. He commented more than once about his desire for something solid to eat—a hamburger or a hotdog. He couldn't wait to get back to Old Country Buffet but without any kind of appetite, nothing appealed to him now. He continued