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The Afters and 8000 miles

It's been a busy week...aren't they all. We weren't crazy about the election results but neither were we surprised. Divided government really is the best approach when it results in people actually working together rather than one party having all the control and steamrolling their way through. I've always been a strong supporter of Bush but there are some things about him which trouble me. I watched as his appointee to head the FAA negotiation with our union (NATCA) didn't really negotiate with us at all. In the end, we were forced to accept a contract we never even had a chance to vote on. It's a long story but it showed me a side of this administration which isn't very pretty. In the end, there are other things more important to me than pay raises and such. I still voted a straight Republican ticket more-so as a protest to the pro-abortion candidates. We saw The Afters at Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis last night. Rachel brought her friend, Katrina. We w