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13 Years in Photos

Happy 13th anniversary to us! I need to stop counting the days to my retirement because 13 years get away much too quickly as it is. Rachel enters her 3rd year of college at UMR in a few weeks while Tammy and I find ourselves discussing more and more our plans for retirement. As I've learned this last year, one never knows what tomorrow may have in store. I prefer to keep swinging away and mixing it up in this life I've been blessed with, not one to sit still too long for fear the rust will begin to accumulate. A small glimpse of our lives over the last 13 years together... Two photos Tammy sent me before our first date Our wedding day, July 30th, 1999, 4 1/2 months after our first date...sometimes you just know The Black Hills, 1999 Rachel with best friend Camille First day of school shortly after moving into her new home Disney World, 2000 Tammy and Theresa, 2000 Wisconsin Dells