Monday, July 30, 2012

13 Years in Photos

Happy 13th anniversary to us! I need to stop counting the days to my retirement because 13 years get away much too quickly as it is. Rachel enters her 3rd year of college at UMR in a few weeks while Tammy and I find ourselves discussing more and more our plans for retirement. As I've learned this last year, one never knows what tomorrow may have in store. I prefer to keep swinging away and mixing it up in this life I've been blessed with, not one to sit still too long for fear the rust will begin to accumulate.

A small glimpse of our lives over the last 13 years together...

Two photos Tammy sent me before our first date

Our wedding day, July 30th, 1999, 4 1/2 months after our first date...sometimes you just know

The Black Hills, 1999

Rachel with best friend Camille

First day of school shortly after moving into her new home

Disney World, 2000

Tammy and Theresa, 2000

Wisconsin Dells

Ballooning over Napa Valley, California, 2001


With Grandma Elaine, 2002

With Grandpa at the Blueberry Festival in Ely

Halloween, 2002, half-woman, half-man

Ole and Lena, 2002

Christmas Eve with Grandma Sarah, 2002

Toby and Allie join our family in the fall of 2003

Christmas photo, 2003 (we would get much more imaginative with these in years to come)

Pumping up before a single day 266-mile ride from Lakeville to Babbitt, Tammy's hometown

Downtown Minneapolis, 2004

We were republicans once

Rachel would put countless hours into her Homecoming pants

So happy with her bug vacuum, Christmas, 2004

A card from Rachel

Recital, 2004


Goofing in Stillwater, 2005

Demolition derby, 2005

Rachel turns 14, 2005

Christmas photo, 2005

Skipping work and skipping school, Afton Alps, 2006

Pirate dance, 2006

Rachel's Confirmation, 2007

Christmas photo, 2007

Minnesota state fair, 2008

With Sue and Bryan, November 2008

With Grandpa, November 2008

Christmas Eve, 2008

January 2009, Charlie comes to stay with us for the weekend—he's still here

Near Las Vegas, August, 2009

Off to college, August, 2009

Charlie's toys

The things we dads do for our daughters! Dads' Dance, 2010

Tammy's not buying what this impostor is selling

Mom and Tammy, 2010

It was a snuggie Christmas photo, 2010

Goofing with new iPads

Out for sushi!

Charlie, Toby, and Allie

Winter, 2010/2011

Spring at last!

Summer, 2011

Our newest passion, 2011

College fun, 2011

Halloween, 2011 at Foci

Celebrating Tammy's birthday at Luna Rossa in Stillwater, 2011

Christmas 2011 photo

Ballroom dance competition, 2012

With Mom at a family reunion one week ago

The most recent photo of us from last week

So, that's a little of what we've been up to the past 13 years in our small corner of the world. Tammy just got out of the office and is done with work for the night so it's time to publish this and take my bride out for dinner!