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My 23andMe Results, Tinnitus and a Rehab Casualty of Sorts

It's a breezy morning out on the deck but I'm mostly shielded from the west wind. Toby is chilling next to me. We've been getting in some nice walks with Charlie lately. We managed a total of 5.7 miles (9 km)  one day recently (split up between two separate walks). That's a lot for a boy of nearly 14 years but he moves right along and sets the pace for us. I received the results of my 23andMe DNA analysis. I'm half Finn! No surprise there, and also no surprise was the finding that I share 13.4% of my DNA with Emily in Montreal, Canada, which puts us at the higher end of 1st cousin/niece range. (There's a backstory to what I'm writing about and it can be found here .) Emily and I share 1001 cM of our DNA. If you enlarge the chart to the right (Thanks, Emily, for more fully sussing out these details.) you'll see that we again fall into the upper range for a half-niece relationship. Unless our findings are some sort of freakish occurrence I'd say th

All In A Day's Work

What a beautiful morning! I'm sitting out on the deck with the sun partially shining through our pergola. The air is full of birds singing and Coldplay, Parachutes, is on low so as not to drown them out.  Tammy and I have been in overdrive for the past several days checking off things on our to-do list both inside and outside. Our gardens and assorted flower beds are mostly planted so I'm giving myself permission to put my feet up and soak it in. I need to do this more often. Tammy is inside with the Sunday paper, a cup of coffee and a pen working on the sudoku puzzle. And it's Mother's Day. Rachel will be coming by in a couple of hours. We have plans to go out for sushi before visiting Tammy's mother in her nursing home in Farmington. I have a 3:04 tee time to golf with Bob later this afternoon so it's going to be another full day. I made it out on Tuesday for a longish ride up to Rogers and back. It's been at least a couple of years since I've done