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Bring on Summer!

It was 19 years ago yesterday that I moved into our home. That sentence sounds a little odd in that the 'I' is not a 'we' but it refers to a time when I was still back in my former life with my former wife. Tammy and Rachel wouldn't come and bless my presence for another 7 years. (There's a whole other life of mine that I've written very little about or for that matter, discussed much and I'm guessing it will probably remain that way.) Our home has seen many transitions over the years with Tammy being the inspiration behind the majority of them. We've still got two large projects waiting in the wings and they'll remain on hold until Rachel's education is paid for. Mom stopped by Thursday morning to check out our gardens . I had her take my arm and walked her to the backyard much more slowly than she would've made that walk just one year ago. It's been a difficult year for her but she's a determined woman and not one to sit ba

Say it Ain't So

I was disappointed to see all the press given to the supposed prophet and his ramblings about an impending rapture. Sadly, many will see him as somebody who speaks for Christians everywhere. He doesn't speak for me or any other Christian I know. Hopefully, his legacy will be for the goofball he is and not as some seer acting on direct communications from God or a special ability at divining scripture. My niece Melody's post to her Facebook said for me what I believe: "This "rapture" thing makes me sad:1. Because of the frenzy, you can tell that people are searching for something, and it makes me sad when people don't take the Bible seriously. 2. Tons of money was given to this organization that claimed a lie as the truth. That money could be better spent helping those in need, which is what Jesus made clear to do, until the day He does return." I did have to laugh at something somebody posted to our union's message board, wondering if the FAA sho

Lots to Find

I've been a Mac user since last summer. I have no regrets about making the decision to leave my Toshiba laptop and its frustrating slowness behind. However, I have a few PC based programs that I continue to run on my Mac through the use of VMware Fusion . Macs have a program called Bootcamp that allows you to run PC based programs by dedicating a portion of your hard-drive for that purpose but the only downside is that the Mac and PC platforms can't be run simultaneously. VMware Fusion fixes all that. One such program that can't be used on my MacBook Pro without VMware is a lava lamp that I like to have on my desktop. It's soothing as a lava lamp should be but best of all, it's very realistic. Here's a link for those of you with PC platform capabilities. Check out this screen-capture . When you get it installed, right-click and go to configure to adjust the size and color. I use 3x and random. Rachel is back home from college for the summer. Tammy and I too

Goodbye, Marilyn

Since my blog is by-and-large a time capsule (that never gets buried) for me to look back on, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the death/killing of Osama bin Laden last Sunday. Tammy said that she doesn't take any satisfaction or glee in his death but that she does find happiness in knowing that he will never do terror again. That's well said. Me? I admit to welcoming the news with an inappropriate Facebook status update which I later removed and replaced with one exclaiming my happiness that sleeping air traffic controllers were no longer going to be front-page news, at least for a while. We lost a dear member of our small-group last Thursday afternoon when Marilyn finally lost her battle with cancer. It's difficult to come to terms with this as she was just at our home maybe a month ago and was always such an active member of our group. She seemed to be holding steady in her fight and for a while appeared to be making progress toward recovery but the last time