Sunday, May 22, 2011

Say it Ain't So

I was disappointed to see all the press given to the supposed prophet and his ramblings about an impending rapture. Sadly, many will see him as somebody who speaks for Christians everywhere. He doesn't speak for me or any other Christian I know. Hopefully his legacy will be for the goofball he is and not as some seer acting on direct communications from God or a special ability at divining scripture. My niece Melody's post to her Facebook said for me what I believe:

"This "rapture" thing makes me sad:1.Because of the frenzy, you can tell that people are searching for something, and it makes me sad when people don't take the Bible seriously. 2.Tons of money was given to this organization that claimed a lie as the truth. That money could be better spent helping those in need, which is what Jesus made clear to do, until the day He does return."

I did have to laugh at something somebody posted to our union's message board, wondering if the FAA should have a mix of both good and evil people staffing our shifts in case the good ones are taken from us. We'd hate to be left short-staffed.

But still, the guy who organized this is of such a fringe element that it's a wonder he got anywhere near the media attention he did. Hopefully, people saw it for what it was and don't look to him as any sort of spokesperson for Christianity.

We managed to get our flower gardens planted this week between rainstorms. It's been a very wet stretch and as I write this we're in the middle of a thunderstorm with a real nasty line of weather approaching from the south. Rachel left for church but turned around when it began to hail and that's my concern at the moment. Hail.

Getting the gardens planted is always a much bigger undertaking than it seems it should be but in the end, it's always worth the effort. A typical transformation of one of our flower beds looks like this: phase 1; phase 2 and the finished product. We've got another somewhat large flower bed in front and several other areas in and around some rock islands in the yard where we plant flowers. We do have some perennials but for the most we do annuals.

Here's a nice contrast to look at from a few months ago to now...

Tonight, 60 Minutes is going to have an interview with Tyler Hamilton, a former professional cyclist who raced with Lance Armstrong during his first Tour de France wins in 1999-2001. He'll allege that he observed Lance inject EPO; a claim now made by several from his former inner circle and a claim Lance steadfastly denies. It should be an interesting segment to watch for anybody who follows this sort of thing. My DVR is ready. Here are some links if you missed it; part 1 and part 2.

Lance is fond of saying that he's been the most tested athlete ever and while that's true it's also true that there are proven ways to beat the tests and only those who are careless get caught up in the deceit. That was never Lance. As someone wrote a while back, we're to believe that Lance competed cleanly against a field of juiced racers and he beat them all. That's a tough one to accept.

Cycling isn't alone in its problems with people using performance-enhancing drugs. Baseball and football come to mind. But with all the focus being placed on cycling I'm afraid it may one day be marginalized and thrown onto the scrap heap of fake sports such as professional wrestling. Yes, you heard wrestling is fake!

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