Monday, July 9, 2012

A Text From Her is Always Welcome

Ugg...I saw my first political lawn-sign of this election cycle on the way to work this morning...a John Kline sign. I was really hoping to at least get through August before those began popping up but no such luck. It was in my neighbor's yard so I'll be sure to counter it with an Obermueller sign when the time comes. Not that it will do much good.

Once again we had our time-slot at Foci cancelled due to continuing equipment problems. We took a drive up there Thursday night to retrieve our work from the previous week. They've got another furnace nearly ready to install so hopefully we'll get back to a more normal routine. We both need that at this stage of our learning. The photo to the left is of two vases I did last week.

A few years ago when Rachel was considering colleges to attend, high up on her list was Northwestern College in St Paul. It's a Christian college with a setting that appealed to all of us but I was never sure the curriculum suited her needs. Plus, being a private college it was roughly $10,000 per year more expensive. Maybe we thought it would be reassuring that she'd be in a nice protective bubble on campus there, spared from the realities of the real world where she may be exposed to people who don't share her values. They were silly concerns especially considering the foundation Tammy has given her. As I look back I'm glad she didn't go that route. Instead, she's living in a house off campus with a gay guy and a friend from her first year at UMR. She's been exposed to so much more than she would have otherwise been. She's still the same person but I think with an even greater appreciation and understanding for others.

This past weekend found her schlepping beers at the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis. It was a volunteer gig that allowed her to at least hear some of the bands. It didn't hurt that one of her favorites, Matt Kearney, was there on Friday night.

She texted me last night wondering if I like Foghat. She was watching them perform a free concert in the park across the street from her house; part of a summer concert series the city of Rochester hosts. I mentioned that I'd seen them once; it was back in their prime in the late '70s in San Diego. It was nice to share a few texts with her while she got some 'alone time' as she referred to it after a busy few days with friends and before her workweek spooled up again. A text from her is always welcome.

She uploaded a video to her YouTube account last week of herself and Amy (her 5-year-old sister) goofing around. It's quite cute! How I wish I'd known Rachel at this age!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not on Facebook nor do I ever expect to sign on to it....but I did find Rachel on twitter and its fun to read her tweets in real time. She IS an awesome young lady...Temptations are definately out there. Noone is exempt....We just keep her covered in prayer to grow stronger and richer in Him.