Thursday, May 5, 2016

Renewed Connections and Back in the Swing!

Tammy was asked if she would like to work as a nurse for the company that owns the group home where her mother stays. It would involve going to each of the 4 homes they manage and setting up pills in addition to some other nursing needs they have. It's very part-time at about 4 hours each week. She told them she would.

Her mother is doing well in her new surroundings and we're very grateful for that. I don't know that she's able to grasp that she's in an entirely new place and that's fine with us. She's happy and content and that's all we could ask for.

I've re-established a connection with Joe, my former stepson. It's been so nice to catch up with him and to see that both he and his brother Dave are doing well. And we have some key interests in common—Joe likes golfing and mountain biking! He told me he watches "the PGA religiously" and tries to make it to tournaments when they're in the area. Very cool. He talked about coming out so we can get together and play some golf. I would love that!

The photo to the left is of Joe with his wife Susie and their family. What a beautiful family. I'm so happy for him/them.

Rachel has been roommates with RaeNelle since September. This living arrangement has been by far the best she's had since leaving home for college 5 and a half years ago. RaeNelle recently lost a dear pet cat, Margot, but she still has a kitten, Greta. What started out as a "therapeutic doodle" for Rachel became a cherished gift for RaeNelle when she presented the finished piece of art to her in remembrance of Margot. I love the imagination that went into this.

Rachel has become somewhat discouraged about trying to gain acceptance into a Physician Assistant program. It's so competitive with very few class seats in comparison to the demand. St Kate's program in St Paul receives close to 1000 applicants each year for 32 seats and is pretty typical of what she's up against. I don't blame her for being discouraged and beginning to consider other career options. I don't think she's given up on her PA dream entirely but I think she's looking at other options in the medical field which may also involve a more roundabout way into a PA program. She's sharp as can be and I have no doubt that she'll find her way to where she's supposed to be.

I met Reid at the trailhead in Mendota Tuesday morning to ride the river trails to the Bloomington Ferry Bridge. Our plans to race our mountain bikes in Lutsen in late June are still on and he's wanting and needing to get some miles in his legs for the 69-mile distance. It's one thing to finish it but you want to be able to finish strong. We'll meet again this coming Monday and increase the distance a little as well as the intensity.

My next-door neighbor Bob and I played 18 holes of golf yesterday afternoon and the rib injury that's had me only able to focus on my short game for nearly two months appears to be fine. I played the first 9 holes trying to hit 3/4 shots, being careful to not stress myself. I felt fine but I was playing terrible golf, scoring a 52. I was careful to continually do the stretches I need to do to avoid more injury. I felt comfortable enough on the back 9 to begin hitting more full shots. I scored a 41 and was very pleased. Men's league starts tonight and I wanted to have at least one round in me before we begin. I think I'm good to go!

This retirement thing is tough work! Between a walk I took yesterday morning and 18 holes of golf in the afternoon, I logged over 18 miles of walking.

Speaking of men's league—I better get a move on. I'm due on the tee in an hour.

Here's some video from last Sunday morning's ride along the Minnesota River trails.

Enjoy! I did!!

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