Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mike Maughan

Man, I've been ignoring my blog. Anyway, I've been coasting on auto pilot for a while as I try and avoid the mid winter blues.

Tammy had a large party planned for a dozen or more friends from work last Friday but 7 inches of snow put the brakes on that. She may try again for this Friday but it will only be for a few friends.

I've been trying to locate a friend of mine from my Navy days for several years and tonight I finally got a hit. A Google search turned up his photo and email address. He's now a Major in the Army from what little information I could find. I sent him an email so hopefully he'll find it tomorrow and get back to me. We were very good friends way back when. We used to cruise around San Diego in his Toyota in the mid to late '70s. He was such an easy going guy and a hoot to hang around with. I'm not quite sure how we lost touch with one another. Here's Mike from a photo taken on our '76 Westpac cruise. Here's the current photo of him I turned up tonight...

I sent out an email to the rest of my Navy buds to let them know I've more or less located him. I won't be able to know for sure until I hear back from him.

Allie had to have 3 teeth removed today and a small fleshy growth on top of her head as well. She's doing okay but I've got a feeling her next trip to the vet will have a reluctance she hasn't had before.

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