Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day

My little-blog-that-could keeps plugging along at over 7.5 years old. I have no idea how long I'll continue to write to it but hopefully, for years to come. I sometimes see other bloggers posting apologies on their blogs for not writing more frequently and promising to do a better job. I see no need to do that, not just because I write here regularly (although not necessarily frequently) but because I do this primarily for me. That others find it interesting enough to follow along is a bonus and I'm grateful for that. Thank you.

I'm big into reminiscing and have been ever since I've been old enough to have something to reminisce about I suppose. So when you see (as you will toward the end of this piece) a video of a ride I did over the weekend it may seem like a boring video to anybody else but to me, there's going to be some significance to it in 10 or 20 years. I imagine how cool it would be to have video from some of the rides I did when I first began seriously riding in San Diego, California while in the Navy. I can't recapture those moments but I can preserve some of what's happening in my life today.

That's the main thrust behind a lot of what I do in my blog. I want an archive of moments in my life that are preserved as best I can. So when you see something that seems meaningless, there's probably something in the details that I want to be able to recall much later.

Rachel came with us to Foci on Thursday to observe our limited glassblowing skills. It was fun to have her there and explain the process. It didn't take long before she was mixing glass bits of color for us to use. She mentioned at one point that this was a hobby not many people do and that she thought Mom and I are somewhat hippie-like in our interest in the art. I'll take that as a compliment.

I was really happy for Tammy as she had a good day in the studio and I think her confidence is better than ever. Confidence is key.

Tammy is still tuning in daily to the Decorah Eagles. She was sitting at her desk the other day with her piece-of-junk Dell laptop tuned to the eagle cam but not paying attention to it. I poked my head in the door to her office and said, "Hey, one of the babies just flew out of the nest!" That caught her attention quicker than anything I can remember as she spun around in her chair to look. It was a good laugh! But it won't be long before they actually do leave the nest. I was talking to her tonight and she was so excited telling me that she was watching tonight as they were all testing their wings and momentarily getting airborne while hovering over the nest. The first of three eaglets was born 9 weeks ago and I read something somewhere that said they usually leave the nest between weeks 10 and 12.

Rachel has been putting in applications around Lakeville and neighboring cities in search of a summer job but without any success. She came home from her dad's this morning and said a friend of her dad has a flower shop across the river in Bloomington and has offered her a job taking orders over the phone and doing whatever other miscellaneous jobs they may have for her. It sounds like a great summer gig and the job is hers if she wants it. She wanted to check with us first as she'd have to use one of our vehicles. That's no problem. She's worked in the past teaching dance the last couple of years before college so it's not really her first job but it may seem like it to her simply because dance is something she loves.

Summer has arrived in a really nice way to our part of the world with temps regularly in the 80s. It's more than welcome. I got out Saturday afternoon for a long ride trying to get some much-needed miles in my legs. I'm so far behind in my cycling fitness for where I usually am at this time of year and it showed but I still managed 113 miles (182 kilometers).

Boring ride video done for my benefit but feel free to have a look.

I'm not much for country music but a very good friend of mine recently turned me on to an artist from Norway, Kurt Nilsen who sings country. This country music I like...a lot! Kurt was a plumber before becoming the winner of Idol Norway. He then went on to win World Idol in 2004 beating out competitors from ten other nations including favorite Kelly Clarkson from the US.

He's very good.


La Vida de Perro said...

For yet another twist on country, check out Kareem Salama, an Oklahoma-born Muslim with a great voice.

I hear in Minnesota there's a Polka Rap singer ... You just never know, do you?

Kevin Gilmore said...

Loved the video...thanks!