Monday, January 2, 2006

Blokus, In With The New and Third Day With The David Crowder Band

The holidays are over for another year. We took down our tree on Saturday and packed away all the decorations. Tammy's mom came into town to see her new and first great grandchild. She gave us a hand with our un-decorating. I let the outdoor lights run through last night and went out and pulled the plug on them this morning. We have an evergreen tree in a pot downstairs with lights on it which is all that remains of our Christmas decorations and I’m not in a hurry to see it go.

On New Year's Eve, we were going to order an appetizer tray from Applebees but Tammy did one better and baked up some chicken wings, egg rolls, twice-baked potatoes, and quesadillas. Rachel was skiing at Buck Hill with Katrina but Tammy’s sister, Theresa, celebrated with us. We got a little crazy playing Blokus and Scrabble. Whoohooo! Blokus is a strategy game we got recently. It’s best played with four people. The object is to take your pieces and place them on the board while attempting to block your opponents from doing the same. Each piece you place has to contact one of your other pieces via the corners…no side to side placement. The pieces are all shaped differently. They all ganged up on me.

We were listening to KTIS (98.5) for a chance to win concert tickets to see Third Day and The David Crowder Band in February. We’d been trying to win all week long between 5 and 6 in the evening. You had to be caller ten…I was caller 9 once and couldn’t get through the other times. Needless to say, our luck wasn’t any better New Year's Eve. We really want to see this concert and the tickets they’re giving away are in the first few rows. There was a pre-sale for the tickets on Saturday morning. We woke up early and got online to see what we could score but the only seats we could get were middle of the pack and back from there. We wondered if maybe they were holding some better seats for when they went on sale this morning (Monday). We got online again this morning and I was able to get four tickets on the floor eight rows from the stage. Tammy was trying at the same time with her computer and got a connection less than a minute later but already the floor seats were gone and the only seats available were toward the back. We’re pretty happy to have the seats we have.

I was able to get out on my bike a couple times last week. If I can get out to the main roads there is usually a good shoulder to ride on. Coming home on Cedar ave I had a playful dog run alongside me. I wasn’t too worried about him running in front of me, at least not too worried to shoot this photo. He was ahead and kept looking back to see if I was still there. When he finally ran out of steam he pulled off to the right. I wish there were more dogs like that one.

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