Sunday, January 22, 2006

Zicam, Getting Up Real Early and a New Project

It was great riding weather this past weekend but I couldn’t partake in it. I locked myself in our shop and worked on getting some drawings done for a window project we’re about to start in our basement. I’ve got some sort of chest cold so I figured it was a good time to not worry about riding and focus on the drawings.

I’m a believer in the zinc nasal spray called Zicam. I still get my occasional colds but I think this stuff helps to lessen their severity and length. Maybe it’s all a placebo effect but that’s still fine. Rachel’s avoided the bug so far but Tammy and I haven’t. Usually, it’s the other way around.

I noticed Rachel was up in the middle of the night on Thursday for quite some time in her bathroom. I didn’t wake Tammy as I figured she’s a big girl and if there’s a problem she’ll let us know. I mentioned it to Tammy early the next morning and thought that she may want to check on her before she left for work. It turns out that Rachel thought she heard her alarm go off and got out of bed and got ready for school. It wasn’t until after she was all ready that she looked at the clock and noticed it was only 2:15am and she had 4 hours to sleep yet. I think I may have done that once in my life.

Tim stopped by with his friend Tina on Friday to show her our stained glass and kiln setup. I think she’s considering getting into that sort of thing but I made sure she knew that it’s probably best looked at as a hobby rather than a vocation unless you’re really talented. There are too many cheap imports on the market to try and make a go of it with stained glass. The guy (Dan) who did our basement work for us asked if we’d be interested in selling some of our stuff at his sister-in-law’s wine shops. She and her husband have 15 specialty wine shops around the country and would be interested in getting some of our work in them. I don’t know. I was telling Tammy that typically the consignment fee is around 50% and after you figure in our material and shipping costs it most likely wouldn’t be worth our while. I haven’t called Dan back yet to tell him it’s probably not going to work out. It sounds like a great opportunity but I’m not feeling it.

Anyway, back to the window project. We’re finally getting around to doing the windows in the kitchenette portion of our basement above the sink. I think the reason we didn’t begin this project sooner is that we weren’t sure what we wanted to do. We sort of thought we’d do the windows above the entertainment center first but that project is going to take a lot more work than the other set of windows so we’ll start small and work into the others.

Last weekend Tammy sketched out some rough drafts for the 3 panels above the sink. We’re doing a grapevine which meanders through all 3 windows. I asked her about sketching in a couple birdhouses with some birds and at first, we thought it may look a bit too cutesy but in the end, we both like it. I took the rough drafts Tammy designed and did the fine-tuning so they could actually be used for stained glass. Here’s a view of the rough draft Tammy drew for the center window and here’s a view as it sits today ready to be cut out. This is a photo of the left window also ready to be cut out. I hope to have the right-side panel done sometime this week. We’ll visit some stained glass shops this week and try to find the glass we’ll need so we can get going on them.

Toby and Allie kept trying to get up in my lap while I was trying to draw and no matter how hard I explained to them that I couldn’t do both they usually won out for a while. I used my breaks to do some posting on the forum and try and get the rest of the world thinking just like me. I’m not sure that happened—the thinking just like me part.

This is supposed to be the coldest week of the year but it's nowhere near being anything considered cold out there…at least not by my standards for mid-January. I think I read where the sun finally came out in Oregon after being a no-show for the past 6 weeks or so. I’m not sure which I’d rather have…no sun and warmer temps or sun with snow and colder temps. Actually, I think I’d opt for the no sun with warmer temps so long as it wasn’t continually raining and I couldn’t ride.

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