Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finding My Mojo!

My work schedule is allowing for us to attend 'tech sessions' at Foci and we're both happy about that. There's so much good information we're exposed to during those 90-minute presentations. I brought along my video camera to record some of what we saw so I could link to it on Foci's Facebook page for others to see.

Swedish Overlay with Eoin Breadon

I woke up Thursday morning feeling more tired than usual. After feeding the pups and letting them outside I proceeded to plop down in front of my laptop and waste the next 3 hours clicking away. I really hate when that happens especially when I've got a dozen other things I need to check off of my to-do list. I recovered somewhat and went down on my CompuTrainer for a late afternoon ride to assuage some of the guilt I was feeling. It worked!

Friday morning would not be a repeat of Thursday. I was out the door for a walk with the pups before 9:00 and on my bike before 11:00 after allowing for the temp to creep up just a tad from where it began the day. It was a breezy morning but I kept my focus on my watts and let my average speed (the number I used to be a slave to) sort itself out. Halfway through the ride, as I turned out of the wind to head for home I noticed I'd been averaging 16.5 mph. I was pleased.

I got home and wasted little time getting out in the garage for an afternoon spent organizing stuff that had been piling up. It was time well spent. I love the feeling of being organized. I still need to get up in the loft in the garage for some much-needed attention there but that can wait for another day.

I was still feeling my mojo this morning and continued where I'd left off yesterday by knocking off a few more jobs on my to-do list before the beginning of my work-week this afternoon. I got nearly everything done and made it to work with 2 minutes to spare!

Tammy has a nasty head-cold that I'm hoping to avoid but I know it's almost pointless to try.

Rachel and Tony are in the cities tonight attending a roller-derby event. Sounds fun! She sent me a photo and text earlier from Snuffy's in St Paul where we used to go all those years ago when she was taking violin lessons. They're planning to come over afterward and spend the night with us. I warned them about Tammy/Mom so the ball is in their court but I'm hoping they throw caution to the wind and come by anyway.

Wishes for a blessed Easter for those who take meaning from this day.

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