Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Egads...We've Got Mice!

Yeah, just like the title of this entry says...we've got mice. We caught 3 more last night and a couple during the past few days. This happens every fall. Tammy freaks a bit and threatens to call an exterminator while I try and calm her fears. We think they get in from some small opening in the garage but we're really not sure.

So, this was my first week back at work since I was off for one month while on medication for headaches. I looked at my month off as sort of a practice retirement and I found that I will have no problem at all filling up my days with things to do. I'll be eligible to retire in another 5 months but I'd really like to get our house paid off and get Rachel through college before I pull the plug. The time-frame for all of that to happen is 7 years from now. Some of the guys I hired on with are already gone or will be leaving soon. Another approach some guys are taking is to retire and then find another job...something different to do. I figure I'd have to find something which would pay me about 25% of what I'm making now to have the same cash flow I have today. I'm not sure I want to risk leaving here and working some place else where I'd be less happy. Where I'm at now isn't bad...we've got a bunch of new work rules in place since the FAA's imposed work rules have gone in effect but it's still a good place to work.

I went over 7000 miles on my bike for 2006 on my ride today. The gorgeous weather continues in the Twin Cities with a few more days in the forecast. They're hinting of snow this time next week. I think I'll spend tomorrow pulling plants from the garden and taking them to the compost site.

I'm still waiting for my laptop to return from BestBuy's service department. I reformatted the hard drive a couple weeks ago and used some compressed air on the keyboard trying to force out whatever junk had fallen in between the keys. When I fired it back up the keyboard was acting up. It's still under warranty for another month so it was good timing to get it worked on. I also wanted them to adjust the lazer settings on the cd/dvd reader/writer. I called BestBuy yesterday and they said it was in transit back to the store and should be in today.

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