Thursday, April 1, 2004

A Day Off

I took yesterday off work...I needed a break. I went for a two hour ride in the morning and took Rachel to the Mall of America in the afternoon to kick around for a bit. She enjoys going places with me and I feel so blessed that she still sees me as 'okay' to be with. She's nearly 13. She's such a good kid but try telling that to her dad...actually, I did tell him that last weekend. He was riding her about how she seldom calls him and she was feeling bad about it. In reality, he's the one who could be spending more time with her but doesn't. When she goes to see him on the weekend she says they don't do anything. She watches tv mostly and he doesn't engage her in conversation. In a phone call to her last weekend he mentioned that maybe he should ground her for not calling him. Yea, that's going to make her respect you. She says it wouldn't matter because she doesn't leave the apartment anyway so it's just like being grounded. As it turned out he didn't ground her but neither did they do anything other than sit she may as well have been grounded.

Rachel has a dance competition this Saturday morning at my old high school in Bloomington. I haven't been back there since graduation in '75. I'm sure that will be a strange feeling to walk those halls again.

Time to put this away and get back into the sector.

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