Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Out Like a Lion and She Did It!

I don't remember if March came in like a lamb but it definitely is going out like a lion...a white lion. The winter of 2007-08 will be one to look back on and be thankful that a winter like this is the exception and not the rule. With temps forecast to be in the mid 40s by Wednesday this will be gone soon. Sucks to be a hobby farmer trying to keep from falling on his butt as he makes his way through the slush and mud to feed the animals. Hi Tim .

Rachel has her license. Maybe that last sentence should be ended with an exclamation point. I'm happy for her but I'm probably more worried than I am happy that she will be out there on her own. Tammy took her this morning for an 8:20 appointment for her test. She didn't breeze through it but she passed. Maybe that's a good thing if it leaves her with the impression that she can do better.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing her when she gets home from school so she can fill me in on all the details. I'm curious if the examiner initially told her that she failed only to follow that statement with, April Fools!

Speaking of April Fools...I remember when Rachel was in 2nd grade and she was really into pulling April Fools pranks on Tammy and I. I have no idea if she came up with these on her own or if they're classic stunts but I do recall that Tammy wasn't too happy with one of them...the spray attachment for the kitchen sink stunt. Rachel secured it in the open position with a rubber band and pointed it toward whomever would be standing in front of the sink when the water was turned on. In this case, Tammy. Hey, I thought it was funny but I wasn't the one who got wet. Rachel also placed plastic wrap over the toilet bowl under the seat thinking that we wouldn't notice. We did. She switched out the 2% and skim milk with each other...original thinking I'm pretty sure. The only other prank I can think of was toothpaste on the faucet handles in the bathroom. That one we didn't notice until it was too late. Pretty cute stuff for sure...at least to me.

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