Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chris Greseth and Directional Help

We've got a new worship leader at Hosanna! Chris Greseth. He had the service rocking this morning by following a traditional hymn (which we seldom sing) with a Joe Cocker tune, Feelin' Alright. Not that I've ever heard a Joe Cocker tune sung in church for that matter; I'm pretty sure that was Bill's idea as it was a nice segue into his message. Chris came to us a couple months ago from St. Joseph, Missouri (I think). He's filling some very big shoes left behind by Jon Russel and from what I can tell he's going to be a real good fit. I can't sing nor can I play any instruments but I do appreciate good music.

On the way out of church I had a former neighbor tap me on the shoulder...Greg Green...easily one of the best neighbors I've ever had. We both made promises to get in touch with each other and I really hope we do. He moved maybe ten years ago to a place out in the country. The only contact we have now is of the kind we had today and that's too bad.

Today was the end of an era of sorts as Rachel drove herself to church. She meets with the senior high kids and then they form into small groups after their service. It's nice that's she's able to drive herself and come and go as she pleases. Our schedules don't always match up so well on Sundays as I'm usually rushing to get to work. I admire the way she's putting herself out there with the kids at both Hosanna and Prince of Peace. She's a good kid.

Speaking of Rachel...I seem to do that a lot in my blog...she called last night at around midnight to say she was lost. She was coming home from a party at Matty's house and made a wrong turn. She pulled over into an unlit school parking lot to call me. We have an agreement about not driving and using the cellphone. She listed some of the familiar streets nearby. I got her out of the parking lot as quick as I could as I didn't like the idea of her being in a dark, secluded place like that. She got herself pointed in the right direction and made it home 20 minutes later.

I rethought our no cellphone while driving rule and told her that if she ever finds herself lost again to not hesitate while driving to call us and that Tammy or I would get her headed in the right direction. I see a GPS unit for her car in her future. I think I'll go see what Slick Deals has. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Saeedi said...

I've had Magellan and Garmin and my dad has a Tom Tom and Garmin. I'd say hands down a Garmin Nuvi, supporting Hands-free calling with Bluetooth. If you want to save a little cash, the smaller Nuvis without Bluetooth should work fine too.

Kevin said...

saeedi...thanks. I'm leaning in the Garmin direction too.

Tim said...

I suggest a reprimand for getting lost. That should teach her a lesson. ;-)

Kevin said...

Yeah, I'm way too easy. We gave her an old fashion map but I do have the ultimate map due to arrive here tomorrow about this time...more on that in my next blog update later today.