Saturday, April 19, 2008

Christmas is Over So Where is My Warm Weather?

I finally got around to taking down the Christmas lights off our house on Thursday. This is the latest I've had them up. I thought it'd be fun to light them one last time and so I did...all Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. I got some fun remarks from neighbors and no doubt some strange looks.

The gloomy weather continues its hold on this part of the world. I think we're all in need of some sunshine; I know I am...hmm...maybe there's a connection between the gloomy weather and turning on our Christmas lights.

Yesterday's ride found me 20 miles from home in a cold rain. I was soaked through by the time I made my way back. It wasn't too bad and if it's all I've got to work with I suppose that's the way it has to be but I'd really like to feel the sun's heat on my back for a change. I miss that. I think I saw a forecast temp in the 70s for the early part of next week. That's a start.

Rachel made plans to go up and see her best friend, Camille, in Maple Grove this weekend. Tammy and I were both hesitant to allow her to drive the 40 miles up there. We eventually did allow her to go provided she didn't leave until after rush-hour traffic had dried up. She left at 7:00 and was texting me 45 minutes later to tell me she arrived safely. Her text to me..."just got here. Yall were freakin out about nothin. That was easy." I'm glad she made it safely. With each trip she takes it gets a bit easier to watch her drive away but it's still an odd feeling.

Woohoo...Natelie is gone. If you don't watch Big Brother that will mean nothing to you.

Bummer...Ozzy is gone. If you don't watch Survivor that too will mean nothing to you.

Yeah, I know...I'm pathetic...but like I said, the weather has been lousy.

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