Thursday, April 10, 2008

Collecting Thoughts, More Winter and a New Nuvi

David Baerwald, Why

Thanks to Rob, my post about the fine folks I work for will have to wait to see the light of day. I thought it was a good post but Rob thought I should maybe hold off on going live with it for a little until after I retire. And so I will. The main purpose was served though in that I was able to document my frustration about the environment I work in. You'll simply have to wait to read it. Unless of course you request it in which case I'll happily email you a copy of it.

You've probably heard the saying; those who can't do, teach. In the world in which I work all too often those who can't do, manage, and some of them do it quite poorly. But don't take my word for it; just ask any air traffic controller.

I'd been too tired to ride earlier in the week so when I got home yesterday Tammy insisted that I get out on my bike. I love it when she does that. She told me I'd feel better once I got out there and she was right. It was a beautiful day to ride. There's no better place for me to collect my thoughts than on my bike and I did a lot of that. Tim and Mark, if you're reading this, that is what prompted the email you received from me.

But enough about work related stuff. It's my weekend.

There's a major storm in the making as I blog this with strong east winds gusting over 30 mph. I spent a good part of the morning checking the weather radar and assuring myself that there was no way I was going to get a ride in as it appeared the rain and snow or whatever would fall would begin at any moment. A little after noon I got tired of seeing a windy but okay opportunity to ride slip away so I suited up and got on my bike. I hadn't yet left my driveway when it began to sleet. I didn't care. Sleet being driven by strong winds stings your face. It doesn't help to be pedaling into it. I didn't care. It was nice to be riding. The sleet eventually turned to rain and by the time I got home I was soaked through but yeah, I didn't care. I wasn't at work having to deal with the little fella and his insecurities so it was all good.

We've got some flowers chutes poking through our garden in front and with 6-8 inches of snow in the forecast I figured I should try and protect them. I found some buckets to place over them so I think they'll be fine. This weather is nuts. Usually Toby gives me the 'look' until I take him for his daily walk but he knew enough not to even bother this afternoon.

Tammy and I went out looking at GPS units for Rachel's car last night. We'd both like for her to have one and she too thinks it's a good idea. She has to drive to Hastings on Sunday for a dance competition and she's not so good when it comes to finding her way around. As I mentioned in my previous post, she got lost last Saturday night on her way back from a friend's house who lives ten miles away. Hastings is a straight shot about 25 miles east and I think she could navigate it on her own but what if I'm wrong? Tammy and I will both be at work and unable to help her should she need us. She has a map in her car and I think she could find her way but Tammy and I both feel better about her having this technology so she can keep her eyes on the road and not trying to follow a map.

So, when we got home I looked on Amazon and found a unit which I think will be perfect for her. I ordered her a Garmin Nuvi 260. I put it on rush order so we'll have it tomorrow and in time for her trip to Hastings. It's a nice little unit, nothing real elaborate but perfect for her needs. We plan to give it a test drive tomorrow so she'll be comfortable using it.

Guilty pleasure time...we watch Big Brother on CBS. I know I probably just lost a degree of credibility by admitting that. I could cheat and find out who won Head of Household. I'm very tempted to but I think I'll wait and find out Sunday night. I have a bad feeling that Natelie wore the others down with her contant jabbering but I'm hoping that Sharon hung on.

Um, Tammy just told me who won. I didn't want to know that...yet.


Saeedi said...

Good choice on the Nuvi ;-) Now, you can add one of these to spruce up the experience!

tim said...

What email?

Just kidding...

Anonymous said...

Always dragging me in aren't you...


Kevin said... a sage old man kind of way. Nothing like how I drag management types into these stories?