Friday, May 2, 2008

A Billy Joel Phase and Who Am I

If it's Friday it must be raining...and it is.

I went out riding this morning knowing that I wouldn't stay dry...and I didn't. 20 miles into my ride the skies opened up. I don't mind a little rain when I'm biking but I found myself in a heavy downpour with lightning strikes close by. A bit unnerving when you're out on the highway with no shelter nearby.

I'm trying to stay motivated to get out and do stuff but it hasn't been easy with the depressing weather we've been having. I was able to get out and mow our lawn yesterday for the first time this season. All the lawns around are greening up very quickly. Look a little closer and you can see buds on the trees.

Rachel is in a Billy Joel phase. She and Katrina are in the kitchen baking marshmallow rice crispy treats and listening to his music. They know all the lyrics to We Didn't Start the Fire...quite impressive. Tammy doesn't like Billy Joel. I dunno...I like some of his stuff but I think I've heard Uptown Girl a few too many times in the past couple days. I'm going to have Rachel listen to The Stranger. That for me was his best recording.

Tammy and I went out to Green Mill tonight for a couple glasses of wine and an appetizer. We were talking politics and we both decided that we were officially separating from the Republican party. No surprise there to anybody who knows me and has talked politics with me anytime this past year. We've seen enough. No, we won't be sporting any Democrat bumper stickers or supporting any Democrat candidates. We will simply no longer be the sure bet for Republicans that we've been. It's more a repudiation of Bush and those who supported his policies than anything. I don't see much difference between a tax and spend Democrat and a borrow and spend Republican. Where does that leave me? I'm not sure but Tammy is considering writing in the fictional character from the first two seasons of 24, David Palmer, for president. I think he's dead; does that matter?

Bush's policies became personal for me with his anti-labor stance with respect to the FAA. But enough about that.

The ducks were back again today. also, check out the squirrel trying to climb the bird feeder. He's a persistent little guy but I was only able to catch the last part of his efforts.


Anonymous said...

Love the yard, smiled at the squirrel, was absolutely bored by the ducks


Kevin said...

The ducks will grow on you. Give 'em a chance. Expect to see much more of their exploits coming to a blog near you...namely this one.

Tim said...

Yeah, let them grow a bit.

Tasty duck with orange sauce... Mmmmm...