Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Child Abuse

Child abuse comes in many forms. How is it that a child so young should be filled with so much hate? This is a disturbing video. Please don't view it in the presence of little ones if you choose to view it at all.

Was he reading a script or did he really believe in what he was saying? Was it just an act? I don't know.

I'd like to think that the feelings of the young boy in this video are not at all representative of other children his age, at least not in America. Sadly, I think his hatred is shared by many minds his own age in other parts of the world, namely the Middle East, where children are routinely taught that America and Israel are evil.

If the hate which is being spoon fed to young minds in the Middle East is akin to a cancer on that part of the world, I'd have to say that the patient is terminal; at least in so far as there being any hope for a civilized people to rise up. I don't want to suggest that more violence in that part of the world is the answer but it would seem that anything less than removing those who are infecting their next generation of people with a core of hatred is not going to be enough.

It would be nice to think that young people would eventually revolt against the older establishment and find the truth for themselves but I fear that that is pie in the sky thinking. Or is it?


Tim said...

There's lots of hatred in the world.


And there are children soldiers around the world too.


Gray said...

Makes me wonder if these people realize that they're creating a world that's only going to get worse and worse.

Saeedi said...

Sadly, there is much retribution for the Iranian students rebelling against the regime. Many pay the ultimate price.

As long as there has been humans, there has been persecution. It swings from one side to the other.

Kevin said...

Tim...the video from TYT is a bit misleading when he's mocking the preacher. The implication from TYT was that the preacher was saying that poor people should starve. There's a difference, a big difference between the world's poor and the world's lazy. I think the minister was referring to people who were too lazy to do for themselves and would rather rely on government to do for them what they should be doing for themselves. I don't disagree with the man in that regard.

Forsaking your parents and following Jesus is more a reference to not following the ways of the world but rather the ways of Christ. I wouldn't confuse what Christ says and what bin Laden is saying as being at all similar which seemed to be the implication of the guy from TYT.

Tim said...

Kev, hate is hate, and vocalizing that people who want to live off the dole instead of working should starve to death ain't love, is it?

What about people who disagree with your other social, political or religious principles? Should they die too?

Isn't that what the jihadists are all about?

Kevin said...

Tim, I think where we differ is that you're taking what he says literally...to starve to death. I was thinking more along the lines of people going hungry.

There's lots of people who disagree with me about stuff. I wish them no ill will whatsoever.

I understand what you're saying about hate but I think what the boy in the video is saying is much more disturbing than what the preacher is saying regardless of the boy's age. But, if it's true that the preacher is actually wanting those who don't want to work to starve to death then there really isn't any difference between the two videos.

Is that John McCain's pastor? What is it with the Presidential candidates and their angry ministers?

Tim said...

Obviously the boy in the video is voicing an adult's opinion as I don't believe that children that age have any concept of politics or social issues.

However, children are helpless pawns the world over (including being given weapons to fight as soldiers), so it doesn't/shouldn't come as any surprise.

I'm more disturbed by spiritual leaders preaching hatred and intolerance in any form to the masses than a coached child in some video making threats.

And there are plenty of western spiritual leaders that preach hatred, not unlike that of the extremists elsewhere in the world.

Self-righteousness and intolerance only leads to conflict and violence.

Kevin said...

And there are plenty of western spiritual leaders that preach hatred, not unlike that of the extremists elsewhere in the world.

Self-righteousness and intolerance only leads to conflict and violence.

No argument from me about that except to say that I'd like to think their are considerably more who preach of Christ's love rather than man's hatred from the pulpit. Unfortunately it's those such as Reverend Wright or the guy in the video you posted who give Christianity its black eye.

My purpose in posting the video was to show a young mind which had been corrupted. I had recently watched a video about the systematic brainwashing of young minds in the Middle East which was all too similar. I didn't mean to imply that the same can or doesn't happen in our civilized world.

The preacher in the video you posted comes off much more like an angry old man than he does a follower of Christ.