Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Blogging

Some of Rachel's friends arranged a surprise birthday party for her last night even though they weren't very good at the surprise part of it. She saw them hiding in the bushes around the house ahead of time so the gig was up.

I miss the days when I played a vital roll in her birthday parties but I do admit that the preparation is much easier for me now that she's older. Sometimes I was simply one of the drivers to help transport all the kids to Chuck E Cheese as we did for her 10th birthday. But other times I was the headline act as was the case when I played a clown, Squawky Potatochips, for one of her birthdays. Sorry, no photo or video.

You can't be a clown without some magic tricks so I spent quite a few hours ahead of time trying to learn to juggle in addition to learning some magic...the floating dollar bill, cups with vanishing ball and a couple of other gimmicky tricks with coins and cards. The party was a success even though I stumbled right out of the starting gate. The floating dollar bill trick was a bust when the dollar bill began to slide down the oh so thin thread which held it aloft rather than float stationary in front of me. To my credit I managed to recover and had them laughing and that's all that mattered.

A couple years later I would be Austin Powers. Most of the prep work for that birthday party fell on Tammy as she had to make the costume for me. She actually did a great job and we still have it.

I treasure those memories we made together.

This year I was at work while the surprise party played out. Tammy was home (and I'm glad she'll understand why when you see the video) to record the kids singing Happy Birthday to Rachel. I'm not sure you'll recognize their version. What's with all the guys? I'm concerned...


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, what's up with all the guys?

John said...

Concerned? Be afraid. Be very afraid.