Friday, August 29, 2008

Fair Talk

Starfield, Ordinary Life

Tammy, Rachel and I made it out to the state fair yesterday. I was hoping to get out and ride before we went so as to create a calorie deficit so I could eat to my heart's content but I didn't make it. I'll have to put in a more serious effort tomorrow.

Rachel had planned to bring a couple friends but neither of them could make it so it was just the three of us. Tammy and I sort of figured it would only the two of us going but Rachel still wanted to come with us. We were glad. We don't get to spend enough time with her these days as her friends consume so much of her time. She made the comment on the way to the fair that she can't remember a time this summer when she felt like she was sitting around wasting the day. She said she's had a full summer. I'm not sure that means she's ready for school to begin but more to the point that she has no regrets about how she managed her break.

I didn't eat much before getting to the fair so the first stop for me was the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand. Probably the best $6.50 I spent all day. Rachel had never had one before so I indoctrinated her with a bite. We do our share of munching our way around the fair but we try not to go overboard. 'Try', meaning, we're not always successful.

A few hours into the fair I noticed a picture/text message on my phone from my brother in Portland. He sent me a photo he'd taken at their state fair that day. We traded a few more photos throughout the day as we each worked our way around our fairs.

We enjoy the Fine Arts building most of all. That's where they display photos, drawings, paintings and ceramic work people enter into the fair. Most of what people submit doesn't actually get accepted so you would like to think that what you're looking at is only the best. I have to wonder when I see something like this to the left. Seriously, how is it that either of these two 'works of art' are worthy entries? If that weren't enough they were both for sale for the ridiculous price of well over $1000 each. I'm sorry but they're both pretenders among a sea of some incredible talent.

The painting to the right caught our eye. It was titled Sister and Brother but I think it was Tammy who said she thought it looked like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Usually there is at least one piece of art which takes a stab at offending Christians but I saw none this year. I had that feeling I have when I leave home without my wallet; something's missing.

For all my criticism of the judging and what is accepted into the display, the Fine Arts building would still be my number one recommended stop at the fair. It's just that art in and of itself is so ripe for interpretation and criticism. Rachel and I admire another unusual piece here. See what I mean?

We headed off next to check out the booths under the grandstand and that's where Rachel met up with Camille...her best friend. By this time our dogs were barking and we needed to take a load off. What better way than to stretch out in a hammock? It's almost unfair to the consumer. Sure, the hammock feels comfortable; just the same as a #3 value meal at McDonald's would probably taste good to a starving person. No doubt they sell lots to weary fair goers who have never sat in something so seemingly comfortable.

Tammy can't help herself when she goes by the pro-choice booth. She has to stop and ask them if they know where the pro-life booth is at. It's a yearly ritual. Not much activity at the pro-choice booth but there was quite a crowd around the pro-life stand where people were signing up to get on the email list of MCCL.

I'm still waiting for my pro-life Democrat to step forward and welcome me into their big tent.

We walked around some more and signed up our neighbor across the street to win all sorts of cool stuff...cook-ware, workshop clothes and a mattress where you dial in your 'sleep number'. We're great neighbors in that regard. You don't have to sign up for the stuff...we do it for you!

Leaving the grandstand we walked around in search of who knows what. We eventually passed the Republican booth where in years past we would have stopped and filled our bags with all stuff Republican and plastered the front of our shirts with Bush and John Kline (my neighbor) stickers. Not this year. I couldn't bring myself to get within 100 feet of the building. I remember just a few years back Tammy signing up to work the phones for John Kline. They've totally lost us now.

I'm the Air Traffic Controller down the street, John. The guy who is happy to do his part to get costs under control but is frustrated that management hasn't contributed 1 cent of their not-so-hard-earned money toward that effort, nor will they until guys like you demand it of them.

Tammy and I were enjoying an iced tea and a lemonade when we got a call from Rachel telling us that she's about to ride the Slingshot with Camille. I ask her if she can wait ten minutes until we get there and she assures us that she can. We get there just in time to watch them launch. Camille bought the on-board video from the camera mounted on the ride and Rachel said she'll get us a copy.

I got out this morning on the Rollerblades Tammy and Rachel got me for my birthday. The wheels are a bit larger than those of my other skates so they'll take a bit of getting used to but I'll manage. I went out for a 14 mile loop this morning and stopped off at my mom's home to say hello. I had thoughts of blading into Farmington to show my new wheels to my brother at his cabinet shop but I'm glad I didn't. About 4 miles from home I began to develop blisters on both my ankle bones which would become worse by the mile. I was glad I wasn't any further away than I was.

I got up to 26 mph at one point but it didn't feel I was going all that fast. I can see myself getting up to 35 on these babies but if I remember correctly, it's that sort of thinking which caused me to retire my last pair of skates. I knew it would be just a matter of time before I'd crash hard on them if I didn't rethink my approach to using them. The adrenalin junkie in me.

I was able to get out for an afternoon ride to help burn off a few calories from our time at the fair. I think I came up a few miles short in that endeavor so I'll have to get out again tomorrow. Darn.


Anonymous said...

It's easy to get wrapped up in "them" and "us" when it comes to a person's stand on politics. But the truth is, Jesus never came to be a judge on the subject as he tells us in the story of the man who sought out Jesus to "solve" his problem he felt was unfair. He felt for sure Jesus would settle the issue of the unfairness that the law granted inheritance to the 1st born. Jesus said, "Do I look like a judge?" Jesus was not interested in his worldly delima. It is not why He came __to make the world peaceful through politics. He came to show us a whole different way through Him. Politics will always be there and each man elected is just that, a "man". We can vote on our convictions but we must also be aware that our hope is not in government even if it goes our way. A nation with morals will still be a nation who needs Jesus. Morals are good but it does not get one to heaven. What it can do is make a "religious" nation making people feel they are'ok'in God's eyes by thier own goodness of the morals they follow. In some ways it would be much harder to witness to someone who already feels they are good,than it is to be outspoken in a division that's clearly on different paths. In either case though, the bottom line is that noone can see the error of thier ways until they accept Jesus and thier eyes are opened to his grace. How can the unbeliever (whether gay or pro choicer or democrat or just plain sinner) want to be drawn to know Jesus if all they see is a measuring stick Christians use as to say "Ok, I'm up here and your down there and you need to come up to these standards". Let's not forget we are all sinners.

Kevin said...

Thanks for your comments, anonymous.

Man has always been a poor role model for others to follow. Seldom do we ever truly live up to what it is we expect from others. We're fraught with confliction of self interest.

The older I become the more Psalm 118, verse 8 has significance to me. "It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, :) We don't live up because we are sinners that are prone to eat from the tree of good and evil as adam and eve did. Ever since, it's not only been sin that entered in, it has been man's judgement on others based on our own life and standards. Even some Christians hold a yardstick to those who don't know Jesus and those who do...But Jesus came so that we can again eat from the tree of life (as God always intended for us). Eating from the tree of life is not about *Trying* Not to be a judgemental person. Eating from the tree of life is being Spirit lead in All we do. If we are free *in Christ* as His Word clearly says, Then there is no freedom like being free to love without judgement.:):) It is what we were made for!!:):) Christains can collapse (by discipline) all judgement of others and ascribe worth to every person they encounter by *walking in the Spirit*. In doing so, God's love flows to you and through you. We need to repent from our addiction of eating from the tree of good and evil and begin eating from the tree of life. Then, We will begin to see His outrageous Love and we will want to share it not by judgement but of pure joy of experiencing Him..:)